The Netflix Files: February 1, 2010

Kind of like Blockbuster Online, but better.Netflix has become something of a mainstay among Brown students. With over 20 million subscribers, it has all but revolutionized the way movie rentals operate. And now, the company is making a push toward unlimited access to streaming video via the Watch Instantly feature. Watch Instantly has proved so successful that, as of late, Netflix has begun to prioritize it above the mail-order service.

Not that we’re complaining. Netflix is constantly building its Watch Instantly media library, striking high-profile deals with distributors like Starz and Disney. The library currently boasts all six seasons of LOST; a breadth of 2010 movies, including mega-hit Alice in Wonderland; and Hilary Duff’s exercise in compelling drama, Beauty and the Briefcase (thanks ABC Family!).

As a result, we at BlogDailyHerald decided to develop a series that explores Watch Instantly’s best. We may have stolen this idea. Whatever. Blockbuster Online totally did the same thing to compete with Netflix, and look how well they turned out!

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