BlogDH’s Best/Worst Lovemaking (Song) List

What did musically-inclined love makers do before iTunes? Many crafted mixtapes ‘by hand’ with an actual tape recorder. The wealthier ones used remote-controlled CD changers. And surely some simply synced their lovemaking to Side A of Barry White Sings for Someone You Love. Nowadays anyone possesses the technology to craft intricate playlists of bedroom jams on iTunes, but we all know how a poorly placed song can make every lovemaker’s sweet dream a not-so-beautiful nightmare. Fortunately, BlogDailyHerald has a discerning palette for the music that moves Brunonia’s most erotic passions… and the tunes that kill wood faster than Daggett and Norbert. Find our picks for the Best and Worst songs to complement your whoopee-making after the jump. Continue Reading