Sans Meal Plan: Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffles


With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we’re sure you’re scrambling to find the best dishes to make for your special someone… or for your special date with House of CardsNothing screams Valentine’s Day quite like chocolate does. We pulled out all the stops with these no-bake Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffles. At 28 calories each (!), these truffles are relatively healthy (and can be adapted to fit in to any person’s diet—vegan, gluten-free, etc.) but still incredibly rich, so you don’t feel you’re indulging too much. They only have five ingredients, so there’s very little prep time involved; there is, however, a little bit of waiting between preparing the mixture and enjoying the truffles. The anticipation makes these chocolatey treats taste that much better, trust us. We’ll explain.

This dessert is a Valentine’s Day must. Check out the recipe after the jump. Continue Reading