The Dartmouth Debacle: Classes cancelled after protests at Dartmouth’s annual welcome show for prospective students

Protest at Dimensions, the Student Week show

Classes have been cancelled at Dartmouth today. No, Hurricane Sandy has not been resurrected. Nor has a surprise blizzard blown its way into Hanover, burying the campus in snow and halting all meaningful work. The administration has cancelled classes because of a highly polarizing protest that has sparked anger, threats, and hatred throughout the campus.

Dartmouth hosts an accepted students weekend called Dimensions, which essentially the equivalent of ADOCH.  In the middle of a Friday show for prospective students, around 15 protestors barged in, screaming “Dartmouth has a problem!”  The students—holding signs with messages like “I was called a fag in my freshman dorm”—aimed to inform the accepted students about issues of homophobia, racism, and sexual assault on-campus.  We could tell you more, but see for yourself:

The performers from Dimensions hid to avoid conflict with the protestors, who were eventually shut down when one prospective student started a group chant of “We Love Dartmouth.”

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A Thousand Words: Men’s Basketball splits games, scores 100 points on Senior Night.

Photos by Sam Rubinroit/Herald.[nggallery id=28]

Dartmouth student gets artsy with Keystone

Max Heiges's masterpiece "The Juggler"

A frat’s Saturday night dilemma: after many rounds of beer pong and shotgunning, empty Keystones cover the sticky basement floor. What to do? One Dartmouth student’s answer: turn it into art.

Max Heiges, Dartmouth art intern and football player, incorporated the classic frat beverage into his installation piece “The Juggler.” Much like anyone who supports themselves on Keystone, the sculpture seems like it is about to collapse from too much alcohol intake. But the precariously balanced sculpture stays afloat,  incorporating a couple of seemingly floating chairs and a lot of cases of empty Keystone, all of course donated by Dartmouth frat members. Who knew a Saturday night’s worth of beer could become a contribution to the art world? And, like with any other serious work of contemporary art, we must ask what does it mean? Heiges’s answer: “Nobody rages anymore.” Hmmmm. Right.

What we want to know: why hasn’t some hipster vis art student already done this with PBR?

Dartmouth parties just got a lot lamer, underage students just got a lot more paranoid

Now there’s one more reason not to visit your friends in Hanover.

That guy in the corner casting shifty glances while he awkwardly nurses a Solo cup? Normally, he’d be someone’s visiting older brother or That Creepy Senior, but in the coming months at Dartmouth, he may be an undercover operative.  And he could bust you for underage drinking.

Last Thursday, Hanover’s police chief announced that the force will begin “sting operations” to curtail underage drinking, The Dartmouth reported.

And what exactly are such “sting operations?” According to The Dartmouth, there are plans to send “non-police operatives posing as underage individuals into Greek organizations’ physical plants to try to procure alcohol.”

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