Not just delivered. DASHED.You’ve probably been there: it’s late at night, say on a Tuesday, and you look up from your history paper/Orgo textbook/problem set just in time to realize you forgot to eat dinner. But your mini-fridge is empty (or the kitchen in your building is now home sweet home to four sophomores) and it’s just too cold to walk anywhere.  Enter DASHED Delivery.

DASHED Delivery is the brainchild of Phil Dumontet, a Boston College grad who started his restaurant delivery business in Boston in 2009.  The company has since expanded to Philadelphia, the New York metro area, and, yes, Providence. No longer are your delivery options limited to fast food – there are over 100 restaurants near campus you can choose from, located everywhere from Thayer Street to Federal Hill and more. All you have to do is place your order online (the website provides you with a handy list of what restaurants are open) and you’ll have high-quality food before you know it – some drivers even use scooters, making it that much easier to maneuver through traffic and get you your food quickly.

With DASHED Delivery, you have even more options than you think. Say a craving strikes around lunch, but you have a class that afternoon and not enough time to walk downtown, sit and eat a meal, and head back to campus – luckily for you, DASHED Delivery isn’t only a late-night option. You can order food as early as 10 a.m. (although they do run until midnight). And if you don’t see your favorite restaurant listed on their site, they’ll take restaurant requests.  Check it out, and happy eating!