RT: @PrezRuthSimmons and @theKertzman

Who would have guessed that 2011 would be the year for fake twitter accounts to take hold? One of two things has happened: either President Ruth Simmons and Provost David Kertzer have gained senses of humor, or some mischievous student has decided to pretend that they did.  The second possibility seems much more likely.  Two new fake twitter accounts, @PrezRuthSimmons and @theKertzman (or “Davey K”), have popped up in the last few days and have been tweeting all of the ridiculous thoughts that we think (hope?) go through the minds of our two favorite Brunonians.  Favorite tweet so far?  theKertzman’s message from last night:

A close second is Ruth’s outrage at the drop in her approval rating (pictured above).  We hope to see much more from these two characters soon.