Jabberwock Chris Unseth ‘11.5 proposes to Sarah Gassel ‘11.5 at archsing

Warning:  Do not watch the above video if you can’t handle overwhelming cuteness or explosive happiness.

Friday night, a crowd of adoring fans got to witness a special moment as soloist Chris Unseth ‘11.5 pulled his girlfriend Sarah Gassel ‘11.5 from the crowd and sang to her, then knelt and asked her to marry him. The crowd roared as she accepted, flowers came out of nowhere and the two embraced. Andrew Kim ’13 captured it all on camera, so now students who weren’t there (or couldn’t see past the huge crowd) can experience the moment, too.

Friends of Chris and Sarah, who know the couple as “beautiful people inside and out,” look forward to watching their life together unfold. We at BlogDH wish them endless happiness in their post-Brown and married life!