Smells like school spirit(s)

There comes a time in every person’s life where he must shed his civility, his horn-rimmed glasses, and his cut-off jean vest and succumb to basal human savagery, also known as animal behavior.  Fellow students, we are beary proud to announce that that time is Saturday.

The Governor’s Cup, under the lights, promises the posturing and school spirit that Brown wishes it had year round.  The football stadium will be alight with the passionate faces of inebriated students, the entropic clamor of the Brown band and…uh, lights.  In order to create the hubbub that we seek, enter Brown State University.  Brown State is an ideal we all aim to achieve, as practiced with a variety of accoutrements – the dizzy bat, the most Natural of Lights, and the beat-boppin’ sounds of a pump-up playlist.  Brown State is – in simplest terms – an epic tailgate.

In order to facilitate effective cheering and bolster interest in a bunch of men running in tights, insert liquid school spirits.  Continue Reading