BlogDH’s S/NC checklist


Today is the deadline to change the grading methods for your classes. (Get on Banner right now if you’ve been meaning to change but haven’t yet! You have until 5 p.m.) Since it’s the one thing about Brown academics that is apparently written in stone, you should probably carefully consider how intense you want this semester to be when deciding whether or not to take that class S/NC.

Check everything below that applies to you, and our generator will let you know whether taking that fourth class for a grade really is a good idea.

Should you take that fourth class S/NC?

I’m taking two (or more!) classes for my concentration.
I’m taking on leadership positions like it’s junior year of high school.
I just started Gilmore Girls on Netflix.
I spend more time in the SciLi/Rock/BarHo/CIT than not.
I’m off meal-plan …
… and I have no idea what to do with the kholrabi from my Market Share.
I’m also working a job.
I’m starting to realize that I really won’t care enough at the end of the semester to write that final essay about a geobiochemical-linguistic analysis of late-post-structuralist agrarian economies and what Foucault had to say about them.
Sometimes I, you know, like to have fun.
Like … really have fun.
Like the GCB is my idea of a night off.
I’m living off campus.
Living off campus is not as glamorous as people made it out to be.
I’m doing a thesis.
I’ve already had to choose between the schoolwork-friends-health triangle.
I’m taking five classes.
I’m a science concentrator taking that senior seminar in the humanities and oh dear god the reading doesn’t end.
I’m a humanities concentrator taking that one I-shoud-probably-take-a-science-class-’cause-it’s-good-for-me class.
“Do I have mono?” is something you’ve wondered multiple times.
I’ve already pulled an all-nighter.
I’ve already pulled multiple all-nighters.
I’ve napped in a school building that wasn’t a dorm.
I’m currently using this quiz to procrastinate an assignment 

A previous version of this quiz was published in September 2014 by BlogDailyHerald.


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BREAKING: Occupy Providence faces 72-hour deadline

Providence police told Occupy Providence protestors today that the encampment has 72 hours to leave the  site.

This afternoon, Providence Public Safety Commissioner Steven M. Pare gave out eviction notices to Burnside Occupiers. The notices state that the park closes at 9 p.m., a rule that will soon be enforced by the city, according to the ProJo. The group originally refused to file for a city permit, claiming it did not want to set an expiration date for the Occupation.

So, what’s about to go down in 72 hours? Stay posted, y’all.