Blog’s Declassified Frosh Survival Guide: The Rule of Three

We at BlogDailyHerald would like to once again extend our heartiest welcome to you, lovely freshman—our adorable wide-eyed throngs of keen youths.  We trust you’re settling in nicely. It’s true (only as we were once you) that it’s tempting for us to rib the hallmarks of your kind; you travel in groups no less than three hundred; you speak louder than is sensible.

But rest easy, dearest freshly scrubbed masses—BlogDH has no intention to tease or paddle you (unless you’re into it) here. Allow us, if you could, to be your Wonka-esque guide to the savory realm of Brunonia. So shush, hold our hand tightly, and we’ll eccentrically give you the skinny on this schoolin’. Don’t be alarmed by our foppish purplish digs: we’re here to help.

Provided here is a modest assemblage of some au courant key campus items that you may have missed but must know. Three people, places, and things. Come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination.

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