Deer Tick comes to Providence March 14 (and we’ve got tickets to give away!)

In honor of Deer Tick’s upcoming March 14 concert at Lupo’s, I sat down for a Q+A with the band’s bassist Chris Ryan, who turned out to be just as cool and funny as I imagined he would be (what else did you expect?). We are also happy to announce that we’ll be giving away a pair of free tickets to the show! Just fill out the Google form below to enter. We’ll notify you via email a week before the show (March 7th)!

BlogDH: You came to the band a little later after pursuing a degree, is that right? What drew you to Deer Tick?

Chris Ryan: At that point it was John and Dennis, and I had known them for a long time and played with them before. But I guess John was waiting until I got out of school, which I’m glad he did, because if he asked me while I was still in school I wouldn’t have graduated. [John and I met] in high school.

When did you take up the bass guitar?

Middle school.

Any other instruments?

Nope, just Bass Guitar.

So where did the name Deer Tick come from?

It would have just been John McCauley and the band or the John McCauley project. But John was hiking in the early days and got bit by a tick and got really scared about it, so that’s where the name came from. Music is also pretty parasitic, when you think about it.

Are you a Providence lifer? How was Providence influential to the creation of your music?

I grew up in North Providence. Because the town is so small and, therefore, the music scene is so small, everybody knows everybody else and so it kinda allows for an anything-goes attitude. [For example], the kids who are playing folk music are friends with the kids who are playing rock, so the concert bills were pretty mixed which was cool. If Providence has influenced us, it would have to be because of the mixed genres.

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