Chow Down Brown: Exam period updates!


Brown Dining Services has a few tricks up its sleeve to keep us chugging along through finals. We’ve learned that proper study fuel is extremely important, so seize every delicious opportunity and keep that brain working.

Working into the wee hours of the night? From now until the end of exams, the Rock and Friedman Cafés are offering free coffee at closing until it’s gone. The Rock Café will be open Monday-Friday from 9 a.m.–10 p.m., and Saturdays from 2–10 p.m. For those early risers during the exam period, both the Ratty and the Blue Room will be open at 7 a.m.

Stuffed French toast at Jo’s has made its epic return. Monday through Friday for the next two weeks, the Three Burner station at Jo’s is going to be serving up this campus favorite that’s “cooked in the pan with a lump of butter, the way French toast should be done,” according to Aaron Fitzsenry. If that doesn’t sound indulgent enough, assorted toppings like mango and white chocolate chips will be available to add as well.

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Chow Down Brown: Hidden gems of the Blue Room

Stumbling into the Blue Room Tuesday morning, half asleep and desperate for coffee, I happened to run into Aaron Fitzsenry, Brown’s culinary manager of retail dining. You know him; he’s that smiling guy in the white chef’s coat that often greets you from behind the alluring display of butter rum muffins and blueberry scones. With experience in the fine dining and hotel businesses, Aaron’s definitely someone we can trust with our taste buds, and he’s proven this time and time again since assuming his role at Brown just over a year ago. He’s responsible for bringing us so many items we’ve grown to love, from Kabob and Curry in the Blue Room, to risotto in the Gate, and even gourmet tacos in Jo’s.

We got to chatting a little bit about food here at Brown, a frequent topic of conversation for me, and specifically what kinds of things the Blue Room offers that we as students might not be aware of. Yes, the Blue Room Lowdown. Some (hopefully) enlightening tips to satisfy your culinary cravings after the jump. (We know, we’ve changed your world.)

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Did you really read Morning Mail?: Dining Services to offer cooking classes!

“Have you ever wanted to take a class from skilled culinary professionals?” asks today’s Morning Mail. “Do you want to improve your basic cooking skills?”

Dining Services has the answer! According to the information page:

We at Brown Dining Services’ Sustainability Initiative are pleased to offer Brown students on meal plan the opportunity to participate in cooking classes this semester! The classes will highlight the behind-the-scenes of Dining Services: students will cook delicious meals in the Ratty Bakeshop from locally-sourced food with the help of Brown Dining chefs Aaron Fitzsenry, the Culinary Manager for retail outlets, and Dave Chabot, the Executive Chef at the Faculty Club.

If you’re interested, you have until Feb. 23 to sign up, though there are only 20 spaces available, so participants will be chosen by lottery. For more info, check out the sign-up page!

But… let’s hope their classes don’t involve hot ham on a bulky roll or Saturday Night Jambalaya (it’s never served on Saturdays).

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Dude, where’s my soy milk?

Image copyright asianfoodgrocer.comAs vegans among you may have noticed, soy milk has disappeared from Dining Services locations across campus.
BDS had been using Silk brand soy milk, but when the company stopped offering its plain soy milk in five-gallon containers, it “left many college and university food service operations scrambling to find replacements – and we’ve discovered there are far and few between,” Dining Services Dietitian Gina Guiducci wrote in an email to BlogDailyHerald.
Furthermore, she wrote, when Silk began to produce almond milk in the same facility as it produces soy milk, BDS could no longer serve it because of the risk to students with nut allergies.

Meanwhile, milk-avoiders will have to tough it out a little bit longer. Guiducci wrote:

We are currently looking to source a local and organic soy milk, but we’ve had some challenges in sourcing the product. We hope within the next few weeks to be able to offer soy milk again.