The Weekly Dive: Aruba Steve’s

Aruba Steve's

Brent Grossman-McKee ’13 and Leslie Clark ’14 both contributed to this post. I love hitting up random dive bars on my own, of course, but friends make the trip exponentially more fun. 

In short:

Hours: 11 a.m.–2 a.m.
Attire: Swimsuit
Accepts credit cards: I guess
Ambience: Ocean-themed
Price range: $
Good for groups: If they can fit inside
Good for kids: Perfect replacement for the beach!
Takes reservations: No need
Outdoor seating: No way
Good for: Meeting drifters
Alcohol: Full bar, Fish-based drinks
Noise level: Loud-ish. Depends how drunk the singer is.

The long version: 

After a typical week of light working and heavy drinking, Leslie, Brent, and I decided to relax by going out. After some light drinking, we moseyed our way downtown with every intention of going to a typical bar, but on our way we got a little lost, on account of the drinking. Purely by chance, we found ourselves outside of Aruba Steve’s.
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The Weekly Dive: Captain Seaweed’s Family Pub


We know there are only a few weeks left in the school year, but you need to find somewhere to drink on the cheap post-Binder. Let BlogDH guide you (totally seriously) through all the best dive bars to stumble into/out of on a warm spring night.

In short:

Hours: Random
Attire: Wear clothes… maybe
Accepts credit cards: Probably… I wouldn’t
Ambience: Trendy, maritime
Price range: $
Good for groups: Yes
Good for kids: Depends on the kids (and the parents)
Takes Reservations: No phone (actually)
Outdoor seating: Actually, yes
Good for: Dinner with Family, Date Night, Weddings, Corporate Events, Funerals…
Alcohol: Full Bar
Noise level: Deafening Silence

The longer version:

Tired of the numerous Brown parties and fun bars that Providence has to offer? Seeking the company of a lady with some more experience under her belt? If this sounds familiar, or if your budget is approaching that of a drifter, then Captain Seaweed’s Family Pub is the place for you.

Before heading down with a few friends to a new bar, it makes sense to research the place. The Facebook page for Seaweed’s boasts “Lonely…? Come let Captain Seaweed be your date!” It offers $6 pitchers along with a variety of lobster-themed deals. One satisfied customer raved, “Is there a new phone number? The one on the internet didn’t work…” If you’re anything like me, then this place sounded too good to be true.

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Lamenting the Loss of Liquid

Empty liquidLiquid Lounge, that other venerable Angell Street institution, is closing its doors for good this month. It will be replaced by the English Cellar Alehouse, a traditional English pub.

The University has yet to announce an official period of mourning, but Brown students will surely lament the loss of the 13-year-old watering hole for many a weekend (as well as Thursday, Wednesday and even Tuesday?!) to come.

Nor have the anger, shame and disappointment been confined to our College Hill. “This is really upsetting,” Joanna, a Providence College sophomore, told BlogDailyHerald. “We’re all really mad here.”

Joanna, who called the concept of an English pub “very boring,” said she and her friends will always remember Liquid as their venue of choice for meeting Brown students.

The pub, which plans to offer an extensive selection of English and European liquors, will serve classic English “cuisine” for both lunch and dinner.

Perhaps this offers aggrieved Brown and PC students the possibility of a compromise. The English pub thing is all well and good after dark, but the bar’s management should at least let our thirsty student bodies have their Liquid lunch.