PSA: We’re officially in the future


As I’m sure you’ve heard, today is the day Marty McFly travels to the future in Back To The Future 2. While we don’t have hover boards or Jaws 19we do have Pepsi Future and quite possibly self-lacing sneakers, not to mention the Cubs are in the National League Championship Series.

If you’re looking for ways to celebrate the momentous day, you could absolutely attend “Welcome Back To The Future,” in which, “we’ll be meeting in (College) Hill Valley, right in front of the old clock tower (Wilson Hall), where their flux-capacitored DeLorean is scheduled to arrive at approximately 04:29PM.” Granted, the organizers of this event won’t actually be able to recreate the scene from Back To The Future, but maybe they won’t need to if Marty McFly himself shows up.

Additionally, we’ve compiled a Blogify playlist where all of our songs titles are years so that you can travel in time, even if you’re camped at the Rock.

In case you’re worried that the entire BTTF trilogy takes place in the past, let Doc and Marty fill you with nostalgia:

In case you’re worried about where child-stars end up or the future of hat fashion, Elijah Wood has some good news:

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Maud Mandel: A welcome interview with the Dean of the College

Maud Mandel is still in the first few months of her new position as the Dean of the College, and we thought that there was no better way to welcome her than to sit her down and interrogate interview her. Dean Mandel graciously agreed, and we’re thrilled to share her thoughts here.

We will admit that since Dean Katherine Bergeron, the previous DoC, left Brown to become the president of Connecticut College, there has been KBerge-sized hole left on Blog and in our hearts. We also have to say, however, that Dean Mandel is already filling that gap, and she is poised to become the new star of BlogDH’s photoshop game. Read on for Dean Mandel’s thoughts on her role as DoC, capes, her book, Beyoncé, and more:

This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity.

BlogDailyHerald: What was your path to Brown?
Dean Maud Mandel: I went to Oberlin College in Ohio, which is a small liberal arts school with an open curriculum. I was an English major, and then I worked for a year before going to graduate school in history at the University of Michigan. I got a PhD in the subfield of Modern Jewish History, and I was just finishing up my doctorate when a position opened up as a visiting professor in Jewish History at Brown. So I came here, and it was a wonderful opportunity because it brought together these two paths – the open liberal arts curriculum of my undergraduate years and the serious research of my graduate school years. I couldn’t have found a better fit. And I’ve been here ever since—I say they’ll have to cart me out in a coffin.

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