Professors and their Pets: Connie Crawford

There’s more to professors than their respective academic disciplines. Knowing about one’s pet is a way to know that person better, and we believe that this concept applies to professors here at Brown. Accordingly, we decided to reach out to various profs on campus to learn about their animal friends. Professors and their Pets is BlogDH’s newest series that features professors and…well, their pets. Woof. 

This segment of Professors and their Pets features Connie Crawford from Brown’s TAPS department. Meet Connie’s dog, Mabel Rose Donaghue, and her horse, Moxie.

Rose on Chair

Name: Mabel Rose Donaghue

Animal: Dog

Story behind the name: Mabel Donaghue was a beloved bartender who died just when I adopted Rose. I do not call her Mabel because I know two other cattle dogs named Mabel.

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DogDailyHerald, Vol. 3

Finals have rolled around again, which means our cravings for scruffy dogs’ luv are at an all-time high. Unfortunately, we can’t literally give you dogs to cuddle, but we hope this installation of DogDH will tide you over until you track one down yourself. Keep the pics coming to, and keep killing it in your end-of-semester shenanigans. We love you and you’re magnificent and you’re all doing great. (That’s what we imagine dogs would say if they could talk.)

John’s dog, Lach.

John Qua ’13: Both Lach and JQ “have long flowing blond locks, can devour inordinate amounts of ice cream, and prefer to be laying in people’s laps.”

Mary-Evelyn’s dog, Puppy.

The story of Puppy’s arrival in Mary-Evelyn Farrior ’14’s family is the best: “He showed up on our doorstep two years ago and has just stuck around ever since. He is the love of my life. This Halloween costume always kills me. He was also ironically stung by a bumblebee and had a severe allergic reaction on that very day. Although we lack great physical similarities, Puppy and I share an affinity for sleeping and snuggling that makes us rather alike in character.” Continue Reading

Made-up Holidays: Boo’s Birthday

You might think this is a holiday weekend because of St. Patty’s tomorrow, but today marks an equally important celebration too. Boo, the famous Pomeranian who has over six and a half million likes on his Facebook page, turns seven today. 150257_467661708253_3193138_n

There are multiple ways in which one can honor Boo on his seventh birthday. If you feel like purchasing something, the Urban Outfitters store on Thayer Street has lots of options, such as Boo cell phone cases and plush toys. If the stuffed animal Boo doesn’t cut it for you, you could consider adopting a pomeranian of your very own, though having pets in dorms is not the most practical.

A more meaningful way to celebrate Boo’s birthday is to donate seven dollars to the Pet Therapy Program at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital. On both his Facebook page and the hospital’s website, Boo has asked for donations to this program, which brings trained therapy dogs and cats to the hospital to ease children’s anxiety and discomfort.

So, enjoy the dual holiday weekend filled with lots of green and “the world’s cutest dog.” Rumor has it Gala tonight is actually one huge birthday party for this canine celebrity.

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Puppy Bowl IX: The cutest event on television


It’s Super Bowl Sunday, which means large men from Baltimore will brawl with large men from San Francisco in the greatest place in the world New Orleans’ Superdome. Many of us will be watching for the commercials. Some will tune in to watch Beyoncé rock the halftime show, and others still will go out of their way not to watch in a show of apathy toward professional sports. A few will even watch for the game. I for one will be in denial, in full Saints regalia, doing a shot for every Hurricane Katrina reference and wishing I was at Mardi Gras.

There’s a lot of buzz this year about San Francisco’s wunderkind quarterback, Colin Kaepernick; Baltimore’s Ray Lewis, who’s so good at linebacking that he literally gets away with murder; and the fact that the head coaches of the competing teams are brothers (sup #HarBowl). But if you think that’s crazy, get this: There are eight sets of siblings in this year’s Puppy Bowl. If you couldn’t care less about football, or if you just really like dogs, this is the show for you. Today for Puppy Bowl IX, Animal Planet will be bringing together hoards of adorable rescue puppies to play on a mock football field complete with canned audience sounds, “referees,” and kittens performing at halftime. New this year is a team of hedgehog cheerleaders. REAL HEDGEHOGS!

In case it isn’t already clear to you, this is literally the best idea ever. Tune in at 3 p.m. to watch these 27 pups change the meaning of flea flicker. You can meet the full roster here, but we’ve included a few of our favorites after the jump. Continue Reading

Time-waster of the day: January 23, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 9.26.49 AM

Worried about embarking on a new semester without the companionship of a furry friend? Purina’s “friend fetcher” allows you to get a glimpse of each dog breed’s individual personality (and voice!) by listening to them describe themselves.

Though you could probably already tell that BlogDH has a strong affinity for canines, we think that the combination of online “dating” and cute animals is brilliant.

Bonus points if you can locate the origin of each dog’s accent.

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DogDailyHerald, Vol. 2

DogDH was such a success the first go-round that the submissions have kept rolling in. Can’t have too many dogs at finals time, right? Here, for you, are even more canines for your study breaking pleasure… and keep ’em coming to (or to my Brown address, if you feel like finding it in the directory).

Georgia’s dogs, Hercules and Daisy.

Georgia Tollin ’15: “A similarity? Daisy is 5 years older than Hercules, and their relationship exactly mimics that of my relationship with my younger brother: Daisy’s the diva and Hercules is the trouble-maker.” Continue Reading