Free Froyoworld t-shirts today (also, froyo)

Today is  Froyoworld’s 13th day of business “grand opening”!

Thayer’s newest frozen treatery has been promising a free t-shirt with any purchase at this grand opening for days now. In the interest of free swag, get up, walk the half block from your Frisc cocoon and buy yourself some morning froyo. The store opens at 11 a.m. 12 p.m.

We all have a few questions about the Froyoworld logo. For example, is that a Neopolitan hat?

The t-shirts are for a “limited time only.”  We don’t know what “limited” means exactly, but when Froyoworld opened near the Yale campus last year, the New Haven branch handed out 500 shirts, according to the Yale Daily News.

Five hundred sounds like a lot, but the YDN reported that over 1,300 customers visited the store that day.  So, to get a shirt, you basically needed to score in at least the 61st percentile  in terms of punctuality, which happens to be exactly the same score you need to get on your Orgo final…