Highdeas we got from watching 300: Rise of an Empire

300_Rise of an Empire

If you haven’t seen 300: Rise of an Empire, don’t. If you haven’t seen 300: Rise of an Empire in 3D after eating brownies, do. We did it. It was awesome. Here are some “highdeas” we had during this obscene spectacle. They are all direct quotes from ideas we wrote on my phone. Enjoy.

1. You can use your Brown ID for discounted movie tickets at Providence Place Mall.

2. What if we put a store in the mall right below the movie theater that sold considerably cheaper candy than the movie theater does? #freeenterprise

3. They use very strong verbs in most action movies.

4. They also furrow their brows a lot.

5. Even though there is a female lead, this movie is très misogynistic.

6. This takes place in like 300 BCE, why do they have British accents? What century does this take place in?

7. What did they do before glasses were invented? Was everyone just kind of blind or did they have really good vision because they weren’t staring at computer screens all the time?

8. Is this movie an allegory to the War on Terror???????????????????????? (Spoiler alert: the answer is definitely no.)

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