A Cool Thing You Probably Missed: 2 x 4, the 8th Annual Dual Degree Exhibition

The Brown/RISD dual degree exhibit, called 2 x 4 (as in the lumber you buy at Home Depot) was unveiled on January 28 at the Granoff Center. Running through February 12, this year’s exhibition focused “on themes of multiplicity, calculation, and construction and was “inspired by what is elementary, use of materials, process work, manmade versus natural, and collaboration.”

The main exhibition space had more than a few nods to the 2 x 4 theme, with a Bob the Builder themed photo booth, a huge wooden cube built in the center of the room, and small art installation featuring, you guessed it: 2 x 4’s.


Small tables supplied with index cards and markers offered visitors a chance to participate. Little cards prompted us: draw wood, draw the person next to you, draw your transportation to the wood, draw a compliment. Once finished with your masterpiece, you could hang them up in the cube.

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Check out “Of[f] Course”: the 7th Annual Brown|RISD Dual Degree Show

10929111_10152653030439537_228845248285525654_oThe Annual Brown/RISD Dual Degree Exhibition, now in its 7th year, opened Thursday night in the Granoff Center for the Creative Arts, showcasing works from students in all five years of the cross-institutional program. At the opening reception, members of the Brown, RISD, and local community wandered through the galleries and stairwells of Granoff, enjoying artwork, refreshments, and activities including temporary tattoos and a sign craft station.

This year’s exhibition is titled Of[f] Course, dealing with themes of “expectations, routine, and deviation.” Pieces in this show approach these ideas from different angles, some dealing with associations of physical traveling, through maps, landscapes, and urban motifs.

New Haven, Three Views, by Jeremy Wolin, pictured below, explores this theme by carving into three medical textbooks, almost as raised relief topographic maps. In these views of New Haven, Wolin sculpts into the books an estuary of sorts, a grid-like city plan holding coins, knick-knacks, and found objects, and a sprawling city center.

"New Haven, Three Views," Jeremy Wolin '19 (Interior Architecture & Public Policy)

“New Haven, Three Views,” Jeremy Wolin ’19 (Interior Architecture & Public Policy)

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Brown-RISD students to showcase work at BASKET|CASE

Brown-RISD dual degree students will be exhibiting their work from February 9 to March 4 at the Hillel Gallery for their fourth annual show, BASKET|CASE. The show will feature over fifteen artists who’ve immersed themselves in the opportunities provided by both campuses to create unique works of art. In the words of RISD’s Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, David Bogen, “One of the things that schools are very good at doing is compartmentalizing knowledge and inquiry… One of our aims with the dual-degree program is to disrupt that compartmentalization.”

Last year’s show, Anisotropy, received rave reviews from the BDH and MainGreen.TV, which praised the collection for its “great creative variety” as it included pieces ranging from sculptures to films. If this is to be believed, then this year’s show will no doubt be just as exciting.

So come out tonight at 7:30 pm for the gallery opening at the Hillel. There will be free food and performance art!