Super Bowl XLVI Commercials: The Preview

All Super Bowls have their drama: the onside kick to start the second half, the game-changing interception, the helmet catch. For the diehard football fans among us, this Sunday is a half-step short of Christmas, especially if your team is playing for the Lombardi trophy.

If this Super Bowl is half as exciting as Super Bowl XLII, the commercials won't be the only things worth watching.

For the rest of our great nation, Super Bowl Sunday is a truly American holiday: food, football, and TV. I’m not talking about the game itself, of course; I’m talking about the commercials. Advertisers still think reaching a massive national audience is a worthwhile pursuit, so the going rate for 30 seconds of air time during the Super Bowl is a preposterous $3.5 million ($4 million if you want to be right before kickoff). The companies who spend this fortune on commercials always make it worth our while (and their money), sometimes more than the game itself.

Now, in a very Black-Friday-becomes-Black-Friday at 5AM-becomes-Black-Thursday right after Thanksgiving-meal way, a lot of companies have released their ads on YouTube or elsewhere before the game; they’ve become an institution unto themselves.

So BlogDailyHerald can make even your Super Bowl commercial watching even more mindless and convenient, we’ve prepared a preview of some of the ads already out online. Continue Reading