A guide to voting at Brown

Tryna have your voice heard in the Rhode Island elections this year, but are far too lazy to seek out any of the information needed to do so? Look no further. Here are a few things you might want to know about voting in Rhode Island this fall.

1. Rhode Island Primary Elections are this Tuesday, September 9th. That means that if you were eligible to vote in Rhode Island on or before August 9th, 2014, and are registered as either a Republican or Democrat, you are able to vote in the primary. If you are not registered as a member of either party, but are still registered to vote in Rhode Island, you are able to show up to your voting station and affiliate yourself with either party, and you will able to vote (Beware: you will then be affiliated with whatever party you choose on primary day).


I'm Turbo and I ruv Democracy! RUFF!

I’m Turbo and I ruv Democracy! RUFF!

2. Voter Registration. Thanks to UCS, we now have access to TurboVote, an awesome online App that hooks you up with all of the info that you’ll need to register in Rhode Island or to request an absentee ballot if you’re registered to vote elsewhere. To vote in Rhode Island on Election Day this year, you’ll have to register on TurboVote by October 5th. If you already are registered to vote in Rhode Island, or in any other state,  you can also sign up to use TurboVote and receive text message and email reminders to vote from the state in which you are registered. TurboVote will also send you reminders about absentee ballot deadlines for your voting state. Also, that puppy though.

3. Voting Locations. If your registered address is 69 Brown Street, you can vote at Salomon Hall on September 9th and November 4th. If you’re registered at an off-campus address, or accidentally put your address down elsewhere in Rhode Island, check here to see where you should go and vote.

Happy voting, ya’ll!

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Free food digest: November 6, 2012

Eat free or dine trying.

ReSPECt the Exec
Leung Family Gallery
6:30 p.m. – 11:30 p.m.

Free “All-American Food” — funnel cake!?!? — from SPEC for all those who show up to an election night coverage party in Faunce. The (really) big screen will be up and running.

Get out of bed already.

As of 2 p.m., the Providence Journal was reporting low voter turnout throughout the city. Whether its the sudden dip in temparature keeping everyone at home (class attendance seemed low this morning…) or a weakened enthusiasm (the Journal reports much higher turnout in the contentious primaries earlier this year), some polling sites are seeing turnout as low as 11 percent of eligible voters thus far today.

Regardless of what happens, keep your eyes on The Herald’s special election site tonight for all the developing results.

And come on, it’s not that cold. Go vote!