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What we're reading

The second Democratic debate will take place this Saturday, and pollsters have been going crazy trying to predict who the nominee for both parties will be. This week, the New York Times asked readers to predict who they think will win each party’s nomination. Sorry Trump, but according to this piece, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Marco Rubio were most often mentioned. The Times also took into account the predicted VP choices.

In a similar vein, The New Yorker discussed the importance (if any) of Donald Trump’s appearance on Saturday Night Live last week. When the iconic show secured the candidate on the show, ratings soared; however, as the article argues, “the show didn’t, in any truly cutting way, make fun of Trump: it made fun of Trump voters, or at least the people it imagined them to be.” Make sure to check out future SNL skits surrounding the presidential election.

The climate surrounding racial issues on college campuses has been prominent in national and campus dialogue recently. From the Yale president telling Black students, “We failed you,” to the president of the University of Missouri system’s resignation on Monday, the conversation spans many topics and has incited action on the part of certain university administrations.

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Selfies and politics with the 3 mayoral candidates

Providence has seen better days, and the three mayoral candidates know it. Regardless of the outcome of the election, it’s very clear that the winner’s term in office will be geared towards fixing the city’s unemployment problem and stimulating the growth of small businesses. How they plan on doing that differs on technicalities, but as of now, Jorge Elorza (D) leads the polls 10 points ahead of political legend, Buddy Cianci (I). I was fortunate enough to “meet” the three candidates, and even though our interactions were not very politically focused, I did pick up on a few key traits of their’s that may or may not be relevant to your decision in the voting booth tomorrow.

Jorge Elorza (D)

Elorza, the frontrunner, had a hot date at Sakura on Friday, September 26th. I was out celebrating my birthday, and couldn’t help but notice he was nearby. He was nice enough to dish out a hand shake and a smile, but it was immediately very clear that the lady came first. After he made it obvious that he wanted his privacy, I had to take this stealth selfie (stelfie?) as evidence.

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Register to vote before tomorrow’s deadline


At a progressive university, students feel (and are!) expected to be active participants in our democratic process. But, registering to vote is usually such a hassle, especially when most students have to deal with absentee voting and reregistration. 

Now that the University has graced us with the implementation of TurboVote, a website allowing Brown students to register to vote in under five minutes, we can no longer get away with blaming our lack of involvement on the drudgery of bureaucracy. The deadline for registering to vote in the November elections is October 5th. So, if you’re interested (and you should be!) and have the willpower to get off Facebook for a few minutes to register, head over to TurboVote and do it today. 

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R.I. Gov. Chafee will not seek reelection

Yesterday Rhode Island residents received a shock when—in a hastily convened press conference outside of the Cranston branch of the R.I. Department of Motor Vehicles—Gov. Lincoln Chafee ’75 P’14 P’17 announced that he would not be seeking reelection next year.

The announcement sent shock waves through the state’s political world and will almost certainly jump-start what was already expected to be a heated 2014 gubernatorial race.

During the press conference Chafee explained his rationale for opting out after his one term expires in January, 2015: “The challenges we have in this state are very significant and I want to put all my energy and time into addressing those challenges,” Chafee told reporters at the press conference. Here’s a video of the announcement.

Part of what made the announcement so surprising was Chafee’s other big decision this year — that he would be switching his party affiliation from Independent to Democrat. Most observers interpreted the switch as an indication he was gearing up to seek reelection. Continue Reading

Time-waster of the day: November 3, 2010

Well, yesterday’s election was by most accounts a disappointing but expectedly so outcome for Obama and the Democrats as, for the third election in a row, the electorate favored the part out of power.

Look at him, signing stuff.... Olivier Douliery / Abaca Press

So, while this time-waster admittedly might have been more effective before the election, we nonetheless present What the fuck has Obama done so far?. He hasn’t found a cure for the common cold, but according to this site, he’s done a hell of a lot.

Psst… Obama said you’re lazy

Original image courtesy of Marc Nozell

Obama wants you…
to get off your ass and vote in the midterm elections!

In a conference call with student journalists (that must have been fun for him), Obama asked young people to be engaged in the midterms (not the exams) and warned of potential policy reversals if young voters stay home. With many analysts predicting Democrats may be in trouble come November, the GQPOTUS has been traveling the country to rouse support for the party. Now he’s turning back to his bread and butter, the demographic that won him the election — us.

So do as your GQPOTUS says. Request your absentee ballots before it’s too late.

Of course all his promotion ignores the possibility you’ll vote for someone other than a Democrat…. But any engagement is good engagement, right?