What it’s like to look like Ellen Degeneres and go to Brown


When a random drunk person stumbles up to you and asks, “You know who you look like?” there are a few names that everyone wants to hear. “A better looking Ryan Gosling,” “Tom Brady, but just more muscular,” or “That hot freshman blogger Hank.” But unfortunately, this is not the case for me. In high school, my friends identified one special doppelgänger for me, and this legacy has apparently followed me to Brown.  Everyone thinks I look just like Ellen Degeneres.

There are definitely worse things to be compared to or called, so in that respect, I am not complaining. Hey, Ellen’s a great lady. It is just a little off-putting when a Starbucks barista writes Ellen on my triple, venti, soy, no foam latte without even asking. It is hard to make new friends and socialize when everyone is expecting you to do an Ellen dance and rattle off some jokes. But this constant comparison has got me thinking; maybe its not such a bad thing! Maybe, in fact, it’s great.

Who doesn’t love Ellen? She’s America’s sweetheart (sorry Beyonce).

Here is what Ellen’s show would be like if she went to Brown…and if she were me.

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