Deconstructing a professor’s email response


It’s that time of the year again: when Gmail becomes our best friend (as if it isn’t already). Internship season is here, and midterms are right around the corner, so it’s time to bombard our dear professors with emails asking questions that range from, “Could you please clarify this passage from the reading?” to “Could you please help me figure out life?” The waiting period is always pretty stressful because you never know how they may response, or if they’ll respond at all.

Practically Olaf


Look for: 🙂  😉 😀 ha haha !!!

These professors bring so much joy to my life. They give us hope that adulthood doesn’t always mean complete disenchantment and a darker soul! It may not be appropriate for a student to fill his emails with happy faces and other trendy emoticons, but remember, your professor probably has a bunch of degrees and went to every Ivy League plus Stanford just for kicks, so he can pretty much do whatever he wants. It’s also totally acceptable (and highly encouraged) if he wants to attach a .gif of Beyoncé going berserk at the Super Bowl.

The Mom

Look for: “Stay warm!” “Hope you had a great weekend” “Take care” “Remember to get enough sleep before the midterm and eat a good, balanced breakfast”

Be careful not to call these professors “mom” or “dad” in class, because it totally could happen. You can tell that these professors truly appreciate their students (they actually remember your name!?), and they will make you feel extremely loved. And, as college students who most likely live miles away from home and our pet cuddle buddies, we need all the love and kindness (and free pizza) we can get.

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