FlogDailyHerald: The Em-Wool Elevator

Uh oh

I always thought of elevators as the pinnacle of human ingenuity. An invention designed to reduce physical activity? How  wonderful. This illusion, however, only lasted till I met the Em-Wool elevator.

The First Encounter

I still remember the day I first ran into this troublesome machine. I had just got my newly minted Brown ID and was eager to try it out. I tentatively swiped to enter Emery Hall, the green light winked at me and I walked in feeling accomplished (freshman fall–what a simple and happy era). I had to swipe again to call the elevator. Green light once more. I stepped inside the elevator thinking I had gotten the hang of this swiping thing. The door closed. I swiped again, and waited expectantly. Nothing happened. The indicator still remained a sullen  yellow. I took a deep breath, disappointed at my interrupted streak and swiped again. Still no green light. I swiped one more time. No change. I then jumped up and down like Tom from Tom and Jerry,  and after approximately 50 more swipes got the elevator to work. I sank back, sweating, I knew then, this elevator was going to be trouble.

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