Why your fake ID won’t work at Darwin’s Liquors

This is what happens when you use a fake ID at Darwin’s Liquors. 

In December, the owner of Darwin’s Liquors was fined $7,500 for selling alcohol to minors. In order to protect his business and ensure authorities that he was obeying the law, the store’s owner had to buy the card scanning device shown in the video above for another $3,700.

The device checks for all of the above categories. It's full proof.

The device checks for all of the above categories. It’s full proof. This is what happened when I scanned my real drivers license that says I’m 20.

Fines for liquor stores are cumulative and can eventually lead to the loss of a business’s liquor license, obviously a costly consequence.

Authorities sent undercover minors to purchase alcohol from Darwin’s on three separate occasions. The first incident did not result in a fine, while the second and third missteps cost the business $150 and $1,000 respectively. On the fourth occasion, the store sold alcohol to minors who presented fake IDs, but these particular customers were not sent by the police to expose the business. Instead, officers staked out the store and confronted these minors.

Public records show that the officers confronted 21 minors on nine separate incidences over the course of 17 days, and only four of them presented officers with fraudulent IDs. The rest exercised their right to refuse being searched.

“I was trying to keep [the owner] from getting in trouble,” said one of the customers who showed a fake ID to the police.

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