Techaccino Tuesdays: When-Evernote, Where-Evernote



In case you missed last week’s introduction, here at Techaccino we’re talking apps, gadgets and gizmos so that you’ll never have to call your nerdiest friend at 2 am when your printer “isn’t working” (seriously, don’t). Follow @techaccino for instant updates and special coverage of this week’s Apple announcement (Wednesday, 2pm — don’t worry, folks in AmCiv 101, Gorn won’t notice you checking Twitter periodically).

You know the feeling: You’re stuck in class taking notes when all of a sudden your professor starts drawing an elaborate diagram of the auditory system. If only you could type AND draw on your computer, whatever the class… Well Brown, I am pleased to announce that day has finally come. No, you don’t have to buy an iPad just because Steve Jobs (RIP) says he re-invented the textbook. No, you don’t have to start doing all your reading on your “too bright” computer screen. Yes, you can still use up those Bear Bucks on printing all your notes before your finals.

For most students taking notes on computers, the benefits of neatness, easy access and speed of writing easily outweigh the pain of carefully trudging that 1.5lb mass around campus. The hidden bonus is that you can also bring your book/textbook with you — with the Kindle and Nook apps on Mac and PC, you can even catch up on that reading during class. Although some books aren’t available in e-book versions, most are somewhere or another, and you can always rely on those 10-page Google Books snippets if all else fails. Continue Reading