The Digital Campfire: Sleep right with f.lux

The Digital Campfire is a collection of stories about technology. The protagonists are (fictional) Brown students. The problems they face, however, are very real— a stolen phone, a hacked account, an accidentally deleted folder. How do our intrepid heroes deal with these digital hiccups? Read the column to find out. 

Rahul stopped and stared. “Bill, you look like a zombie. And a filthy one at that! Even a horror movie director wouldn’t want to hire you.”

“I didn’t sleep at all last night,” Bill said, rubbing his eyes.

“Oh that explains it — an all-nighter. Did you have a philosophy paper to write?”

“No; it wasn’t work. I finished everything by 11. I just couldn’t go to sleep. I stayed awake the whole night and finally gave up and got out of bed to shower at 5 a.m.” Rahul shuddered; the thought of waking up at 5 made him feel weak.

“Hmm… that’s strange. Wait. Were you using your laptop or phone before you went to bed?”

“Well, actually I was browsing through Facebook and watching the highlights from last night’s basketball game..” But Rahul didn’t let him finish his sentence:

“I know your problem and just how to solve it.”

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