Approval Matrix: Snow day edition

An approval matrix of fun versus destructivenessJudging from the veritable army of snowmen outside, snow-engineering is the school’s biggest new independent concentration. But because we love facilities for saving the world and keeping the end of days from happening, here’s a handy approval matrix between snow-bound shenanigans and accidentally causing a five-car pileup from a stray snowball.


I’m living in New York City this summer, (let’s be honest, which humanities major interested in “media” isn’t living in New York this summer?), but I visited Providence last weekend and saw something so incredible that I felt obligated to share with you all:

Brown has built stairs up to the eastern entrance of Caswell Hall.

Not only did Brown succesfully complete a logical building project, but they identified a glaring architectural oversight whose absurdity I have never fully appreciated. Facilities hoped to build these stairs last summer, but postponed the plans for the sake of bike racks and lighting. Jeez, people, you and your environmentally ethical transportation choices and your legitimate expectation of late-night safety.

These stairs represent, in my opinion, a great triumph for Facilities. Yet, I still find this to be a mixed blessing. On the one hand, the stairs mean less drunken scrambling and fewer scraped elbows and knees. On the other hand, the stairs mean less drunken scrambling of people drunker and more confident than I, and thus the lessening of my ability to make fun of their failures. Hmm…

Image via Ashton Strait ’13. 

The heat is on

Fellow Brunonians! I bring you the great news that the heat is in fact on. Facilities has just informed us all that they will now be guaranteeing that all rooms will stay at a balmy 68-72 degrees (unfortunately they picked a pretty nice day to send that email out).

There definitely are good signs and bad signs in this one. Yes, winter is coming, and so are the numb ears and fingertips that come with it, but maybe now I don’t have to bring my comforter into the hallway for 4 am Saturday night floor parties anymore.