Amuse-Bouche: Biggie and Brunch at Farmstead

Biggie and Eggs

Are you in search of the weirdest possible dining experience in the greater Providence area? Look no further than Farmstead’s Biggie and Brunch offering on the first Sunday of every month. Farmstead, which usually operates as a popular and trendy cheese shop and restaurant, opens its doors for brunch only once a month. But when it does, it does so in style, with a DJ booth, standing speakers, and absolutely blasted tunes from the one and only Notorious B.I.G.

The menu is split into larger plates listed as “Biggies” and smaller plates listed as, you guessed it, “Smalls.” The dishes themselves don’t seem to be Biggie-themed, though they are certainly a bit unorthodox: the brown sugar waffle comes with fairly sweet ten-spice chicken wings; the only bagels offered are the house pretzel bagels; the “Smalls” offerings include potato latkes served with shortrib. You also have the chance to order one of the several Biggie and Brunch cocktails listed on the cocktail menu under the first four lines of “Juicy.”

Whether you enjoy your Biggie and Brunch adventure is likely a matter of context. The food is probably more appealing to a connoisseuring foodie than to the layman—I found it tasty but perhaps overly experimental at times. And the ambience experiment probably works a lot better for a late morning out with friends or even a really weird hipster first date than it does for an afternoon lunch with your visiting mother. Regardless, the brunch has been a remarkable success, and Farmstead encourages interested patrons to call for April reservations today (seriously) if they hope to get in. If you do secure a spot, you probably won’t forget your Biggie and Brunch any time soon.

Amuse-Bouche: Farmstead

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Farmstead and La Laiterie may share an address, website, and dairy grandeur, but Farmstead certainly squirrels out a name for itself with its own unique charm. If cheese is your thing but triple-digit bills, dim lights, and long waits decidedly aren’t, this might be your new home away from home.

In short, Farmstead supplies the smorgasbord of cheeses that gives La Laiterie its backbone. Huge wheels of fromage are piled strategically on marble counters, where savvy cheesemongers are lurking at your beck and call. Don’t be shy: they’re generous with samples and ready with the scoop on whatever you’re eyeing. Finals provide the perfect excuse for a little self-pitying binge on the “cheese orphans” (stray, cheap morsels at the register) or self-selected goodies. For direction, some favorites after the jump.

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