BlogDH Presents: Listen Up, a Blogcast

Hear ye, hear ye! We at Blog present to you Listen Up, a bi-weekly Blogcast that will be bringing you the most sensational news from Brunonia. This week, in our first episode, we cover A Slightly Better World By Design, the mediocre counterpart to A Better World By Design. Featured at the conference were the innovations of grass yelling and more efficient bathing techniques, among other advances.

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The episode was written by Ari Snider ’18, Allie Tsuchiya ’18, and Ilan Desai-Geller ’18. It was produced by Ari Snider. 

Image via Albert Brown ’16. 



This anti-cheating app brings Big Brother to a campus near you

It’s no secret we’re being watched. In the virtual world, websites keep millions of terabytes of personal click and page-visit history. On the street, you can find ATMs and supermarket cameras quietly videotaping passersby. An estimated one trillion photos will be taken this year, many not even by humans, and there’s a good chance you’ll pop up in thousands of them. Even if you’re relaxing on top of a 200 foot tall wind turbine, privacy can be compromised.

Drone captures a man on a wind turbine.

Nobody is safe.

None of this really phased me. So what if I appear as some random dude in the background of thousands of photos this year? I have nothing to hide. Hell, I even kind of like my personal shopping suggestions on Amazon. This was until I registered for NEUR1030: Neural Systems.

My change of heart had nothing to do with the class itself. The transformation from happy nonchalance to paranoia occurred in the computer lab, where we were asked to take a pre-test on our personal computers.

The first direction was to download an anti-cheating Chrome extension called “Proctorio.” Continue Reading


Drunk, Sober, High: Senior Night at Ale House

Drunk/Sober/High is a series started at New York University’s blog NYULocal. It sends a drunk person, a sober person, and a high person to all go enjoy (and endure) the same experience together. We love it, so we thought we’d give it a try. 

This is the story of three people, one drunk, one sober, and one high, and their quest to Senior Night at Ale House. One of them isn’t even an f***ing senior, but shut up, that’s not the point.

Why were they going to Ale House? For the free food that there certainly wouldn’t be enough of, or the existential crisis they were bound to have anyway this week? The exact answers to these questions are unknown, but perhaps you can determine it yourself, from the gripping account below.


Sober: Drunk and High weren’t ready to meet up until 10:15… They told me 9:45. I knew I shouldn’t offer to be sober – Sober is always the person who gets irritable the quickest. At least I can wear my cat-eye make up without immediately smudging it off in a drunken or drug induced stupor.

Drunk: Hey Sober, I like your lipstick. Where’d you get it, Hot Topic?

High: I’m afraid I’m not high enough.

 One minute later

High: Shit, I think I am too high I might have to go home.

Drunk: You are home – we haven’t left your dorm yet.

High: You’re right, you’re right I’m fine. Drunk should drink more though.

Sober: Agreed, but let’s go.

High: Actually, I don’t want to leave yet. Can we wait ten minutes?

Drunk: Well the event ends in thirty-five minutes

Sober: Oh shit. Guys let’s go.

En route to Ale house, they witness the largest gathering of the biker gang that any of them have seen. One of them does a wheelie while ripping down Thayer Street. Sober and Drunk want to blog about the motorcycle crew, but don’t know how to approach them for an interview. A decision is reached to write a blog post hypothesizing how one would communicate with the bikers. Keyword: Traffic cones.

High: Drunk, do you realize that Sober is writing down everything we say.

Drunk: Hey High, don’t censor yourself.

Sober: So Drunk claims that he drank peppermint schnapps, but High insists she saw him drink cranberry juice and vodka

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Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 11.43.30 AM

BlogDailyHerald Presents: Brown, what’s good?

Throughout the semester, we’ll be snooping around Brown to ask a hard-hitting question: “Brown, what’s good?” For the pilot woman-on-the-street episode, Ryan Cruise ’17 took on the Main Green to capture the student body’s shopping period musings. Check out the video below to see your classmates discuss everything from meal credit hacks to being a first-gen student:


Why YOU should apply to write for BlogDH

Do you find yourself wanting to join a club every semester and then letting shopping period anxiety get in your way? We get it. But we’re also here to convince you that now is the time to send in those applications! And while we’ve got you reading, we’re going to give you our best pitch for why you should join Blog.

We are Brown student’s go-to source for campus news and happenings.

If you’ve ever wanted to be that person to break campus-wide news, then Blog is your jam. Join a team of highly motivated journalists who are committed to keeping College Hill in the loop. We spotlight students who do incredibly cool and powerful things, we keep students in the know about University news and summarize campus-wide emails, we report the Spring Weekend lineup announcement,  break College-Hill-relevant news, and give you day-to-day insight on whether you should go to the Ratty or the V-Dub. We even take down Jesse Watters so you don’t have to. Bill O’Reilly also gave us a special shout-out for this drinking game. Basically, we’re your Meiklejohn, your best friend, your professor, your guardian, and your stress-relieving golden retriever all combined in one.


We’re always looking to improve and grow so that we can give College Hill innovative, interactive, and exciting content.

We are passionate about providing an engaging media platform that covers what the College Hill community wants to read, watch, and hear. From our research on what it means to be Happy@Brown, to our forays into Drunk/Sober/High territory, we are constantly trying to push the envelope and develop cutting-edge content to keep up with your pace. In order to always be here when people need us, we need you to keep our momentum going and to take Blog to new heights!

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healthy roots girls

Students Who Do Cool Things: Yelitsa Jean-Charles and the Healthy Roots Team

Did you ever visit a toy store as a kid, and notice that none of the dolls looked like you? If you’re a person of color in the United States, the answer is most likely a resounding yes. We care a lot about social change on College Hill, but it takes a special vision to change the market from the manufacturing side. That is exactly what Yelitsa Jean-Charles (RISD Illustrating ’16) is doing with her Healthy Roots Kickstarter.

From her own lived experience, Yelitsa knew just how much damage could be done to a young girl’s self esteem by society’s imposing beauty standards. Light skin, long blonde hair, blue eyes – the list goes on. In her own words, “Healthy Roots teaches girls of color self-love through education, diversity, and positive representation.” Right now, there are four girls: Marinda, who is Afro-Brazilian and loves soccer, Zoe, an African American with a zeal for learning and debate, Gaiana, who is Haitian and has a passion for music, and Dara, a Nigerian with a knack for coding websites. Together, they represent different corners of the African Diaspora, as well as a full-bodied image of ‘girliness’ that is so much more than fashion and appearance.

In differentiating her venture from anything else out there, Yelitsa told the Daily Dot:

“Black dolls already exist, but many of them only scratch the surface level of representation. You have to do more than paint a doll brown. We recognize that we need to have diversity and education in order to deconstruct colorism and racism. We do that by creating multiple dolls and storybooks that teach girls about themselves in a way that they can identify with.”


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