Imagine 250+: What To Do This Brown 250+ Weekend

Go Brown...It's ya birthday.

Go Brown…it’s ya birthday.

It’s time once again to celebrate old Brunonia’s 250th birthday, and with that comes all sorts of fun activities to pack into your weekend. Wondering what to skip and what you absolutely can’t miss? Blog has got you covered. Here’s a roundup of all the best things happening during this Fall 250th Anniversary commemoration. You can see a complete list of all of the events here.

Event: Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

When: September 25-Oct 5; Thursday-Saturday at 8p.m. ; Sunday at 2p.m. in Leeds Theatre

Curt Columbus, Artistic Director of Trinity Rep, directs Stephen Sondheim’s classic musical, Sweeney Todd. This is one to promise gore and lots of meat pies.

Event: 250th Anniversary Fall Celebration Forums

When: Saturday, September 27  in MacMillan 117 or Metcalf Research Laboratory 101, 10a.m.

These panels feature Brown alumni and faculty speaking on the subject of “Building on Distinction: A New Plan for Brown,” Brown’s recently approved strategic plan. One will focus on the human brain and its impact on our every day lives, while the other will discuss the creative process of strategic planning. These will take place in MacMillan and Metcalf, respectively and will continue throughout the day.

Event: The Way to Strategy

When: Saturday, September 27 in Granoff, Lower Lobby, 10:00a.m. – 4:00p.m.

A multimedia project by Cuban artists Alexander Beatón and Pedro Gutiérrez of the Cuban Community and the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base. This is its first showing outside of Cuba.

Event: The Brown Reader Contributors’ Reading

When: Saturday, September 27 at the Brown Bookstore, 2:00 p.m.

Come hear esteemed alums read their contributions to this amazing anthology of Brown alumni experiences.

Event: Dedication of A Slavery Memorial

When: Saturday, September 27 on the Quiet Green, 3p.m.

See the dedication of one of Brown’s newest memorials on its prettiest green.

Event: Third World Center Renaming Celebration and Reception

When: Saturday, September 27 at the Third World Center at 5p.m.

Reception to follow (AKA food!).

Event: Brown vs. Harvard Football under the lights

When: Saturday, September 27 at Brown Stadium, 6:00pm

If you’re going to go to one football game this year (you’ll probably only go to one), it should be this one. The tailgate starts at 4:00p.m. Go Brown State!

Event: A Night on College Hill: Celebrating 250 Years of Brown

When: Saturday, September 27 at Pembroke Field House, 10p.m. – 2a.m.

Campus dance round 2 and this time it’s ~free~.

Event: Thayer Street Festival

When: Sunday, September 28 on Thayer Street, 10a.m. – 5:00p.m.

The First Annual Thayer Street Festival promises live dance performance, music, local artists and more.

Event: Sunday on the Green

When: Sunday, September 28 on the Main Green, 11:30a.m. – 3:00p.m.

Event: Waxwing

When: Friday, September 26 at 8pm, Saturday, September 27 at 2pm and 8pm in the Upspace at PW

Written and directed by Evan Silver ’16, Waxwing includes original music and runs only 45 minutes.

Farmers Market + a capella + Binder = yassss!

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BREAKING: Sex Power God cancelled


According to a post on Bluestockings, Brown’s Queer Alliance has decided to cancel this year’s edition of Sex Power God. The Queer Alliance Coordinating Committee stated in the release that “SPG no longer serves its intended purpose,” which was “to affirm queer/LGBTQ+ students who feel excluded or shamed by hetero-patriarchal norms by creating a space in honor of them.” Instead, the party has become the sensationalized subject of FOX News segments and unfriendly BDH opinions columns. In addition, according to the QA’s statement, SPG was not the safe space it was meant to be last year:

Although attendees signed contracts promising to seek active consent at SPG, in spite of this students disregarded the policy during the 2013 SPG. Sexual violence goes against every aim of the Queer Alliance. When attendees violated the space, SPG was no longer safe, positive, or inclusive, despite the careful intentionality of the planners. It has been a violent space. We cannot in good conscience continue perpetuating such a space. If we decided to continue to host SPG, it would mean that Brown students decided that a party was more important than the safety and bodily autonomy of their peers.

Though it is possible that Sex Power God will be reinstated in future years, the 2014 iteration is off. Check back here for more details on this developing story.

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Maud Mandel: A welcome interview with the Dean of the College

Maud Mandel is still in the first few months of her new position as the Dean of the College, and we thought that there was no better way to welcome her than to sit her down and interrogate interview her. Dean Mandel graciously agreed, and we’re thrilled to share her thoughts here.

We will admit that since Dean Katherine Bergeron, the previous DoC, left Brown to become the president of Connecticut College, there has been KBerge-sized hole left on Blog and in our hearts. We also have to say, however, that Dean Mandel is already filling that gap, and she is poised to become the new star of BlogDH’s photoshop game. Read on for Dean Mandel’s thoughts on her role as DoC, capes, her book, Beyoncé, and more:

This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity.

BlogDailyHerald: What was your path to Brown?
Dean Maud Mandel: I went to Oberlin College in Ohio, which is a small liberal arts school with an open curriculum. I was an English major, and then I worked for a year before going to graduate school in history at the University of Michigan. I got a PhD in the subfield of Modern Jewish History, and I was just finishing up my doctorate when a position opened up as a visiting professor in Jewish History at Brown. So I came here, and it was a wonderful opportunity because it brought together these two paths – the open liberal arts curriculum of my undergraduate years and the serious research of my graduate school years. I couldn’t have found a better fit. And I’ve been here ever since—I say they’ll have to cart me out in a coffin.

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BlogDailyHerald Presents: Brunonia’s first episode, “Orientation”

Celebrating Orientation in all of its confused and awkward glory, the first episode of Brunonia, our spin-off of Carrie Brownstein’s and Fred Armisen’s Portlandia, is a must watch.  Remember Freshmen Orientation? Remember being confused 99.99% of the time? So do we.

Freshman, we feel you.


A Letter from the Editor-in-Chief: BlogDailyHerald, 5 years on

Though it might be hard to believe, the school year has come to an end. The libraries are empty, the Main Green is silent, and the Class of 2014 has marched through the Van Wickle Gates. Congrats to the seniors on your graduation! We’ll miss you dearly, but we know you will be all kinds of successful in life outside College Hill.

The end of the 2013-2014 academic year also marks the conclusion of BlogDailyHerald’s 5th year of production (do we even call it that?). It is sometimes hard to believe how young our web site is, especially given how far we have come in such a short time. The brainchild of some Brown Daily Herald editors back in 2009, Blog has become an organization unlike anything we could have dreamed of.

For the 2011 BDH Commencement magazine, former Blog editors David Winer ’13 and Matt Klimerman ’13 painted a pretty extraordinary picture of what the site’s early days were like. There were no Sunday evening meetings. Blog had “day editors” who handled all of the site’s content for a single day of the week. And edit board meetings? Try “run-ins on the street and in the Ratty.”

That year, Blog’s fearless first leaders revolutionized how the organization works. Our weekly writers’ meeting, daily time-wasters, and current managerial structure all came from these early days. Needless to say, we are all in great debt to the site’s earliest editors.

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BlogDH’s ultimate Senior Spring bucket list

On a cold March evening, a group of ’14-ers convened with a daunting task: draft the ultimate Senior Spring bucket list. They thought long and hard as to what to include, what to cross out, and what would truly capture the essence of the Brown experience. After much deliberation, discussion, and Antonio’s pizza, this is what they determined to be the 100 crucial experiences a second semester senior should have.
This is by no means a definitive list—and we don’t want it to be. It’s merely a starting point for all your Senior Spring adventures. Feel free to follow this list, to edit and condense it, or to add your own items to it. The key to the ultimate Senior Spring: it’s a marathon, not a sprint. So make your experience your own, and have the best time doing it.
  1. Don’t get caught, EMS’d, or kicked out of Brown.
  2. Go to WhisCo.
  3. Go to the Ladd Observatory on a Tuesday.
  4. Climb on the roof of a Brown University building.
  5. Eat at every Brown eatery in one day.
  6. Go to Paxson’s office hours.
  7. Find someone from your freshman unit that you have never met/don’t know well, and grab coffee with them.
  8. Steal something from the Blue Room.
  9. Get an entire dining set from the Ratty.
  10. Say “byeeee” to Gail.
  11. Vandalize Keeney.
  12. GCB Challenge: stay from open to closing.
  13. Go to a naked party/do something naked.
  14. SciLi challenge: starting from 14th floor, make your way down the SciLi taking a shot at every floor.
  15. Rock challenge: hook up in the stacks.
  16. Go to a class you’re not in, wasted.
  17. Go on a tour and act like you don’t go here.
  18. Get drunk with a professor.
  19. Hook up in the balcony of Salomon while a class is happening below.
  20. Submit a Brown Bares.
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