A Fishku, we ask / For with it we’ll celebrate / A love that was lost

In honor of a (Hallo-)week in which she would have shined, we’d like to take the opportunity to remember our dear old friend, FishCo.  Fishypoo, Brown students — current and former — took to your dance floor with the voracity of DDR champions and the coordination of Bambi on Ice.  You supplied us with alcohol, and we supplied you with the vestiges of Halloween costumes and props.

BlogDailyHerald would like to remember FishCo by asking our readers to reminisce about her in the ways we celebrated her.  This week, we are bringing back the Fishku.  If you have any memories of Halloween FishCo —anecdotes, haikus or graphic designs — we would love to hear them.  Please send all submissions to fishco@browndailyherald.com (or blog@browndailyherald.com)

Life after (FishCo) death: When fakes won’t work

Olives on North Main
An easy stroll down the hill
Viva la Meatball!

Oh, Colosseum
New hub of debauchery
18-plus is huuuuge.

This morning’s Herald featured an article comparing Olives and Colosseum, the two bars trying to fill the Wednesday night void following FishCo’s demise last semester. In light of FishCo’s underage patron woes, both profiles address the “strict identification-checking policy” at the new venues. Before attempting to use your “less than legitimate” form of identification, you might want to check out the “Do’s and Don’ts of Faux Identification” on BlogDailyWashingtonSquare (NYU Local). While some of the tips are New York specific, most of them hold true to Providence as well. Continue Reading

Blorgchiving: When FishCo sold fish!

From the March 8, 1985 Brown Daily Herald

Dearly departed,
when did stripper poles replace
all the choice seafood?

R.I.P. FishCo (actually)

Well, this sucks.  Despite conflicting reports as to whether or not FishCo would in fact be reopening in the new year, a new message on their website has confirmed our worst fears- FishCo is no more:

No FishCo, thank you.  As always, please leave your Fishkus in the comments.

BREAKING: The End of an Era — RIP Fishco

According to the Brown University Subcommittee on Alcohol and Other Drugs, FishCo has been closed for good. More to come as soon as we hear more. We loved you FishCo. You brought us so many debauchery-filled nights we will never forget (if we ever remembered them in the first place).

Please comment below with your condolences and Fishkus.


Presenting: Your fishkus

Thank you to everyone who submitted a fishku!  Halloween FishCo proved to be pleasantly sloppy once again.  Enjoy:

Long lines at the co
No entrance at nine thirty!
At eleven, win.

Halloween fishco
Hot people with no clothes on
Tons of grapes yo

Fishco, oh Fishco
Guys want to have sex and put
Their hands down your pants

Fishco would have been
Fun but I had too much work
How about next year?

That’s it, ladies and gents.  Want to submit a fishku next week?  Just email fishco@browndailyherald.com with your poem, and leave the rest to us.