The little train that, apparently, couldn’t

Now that I have a better handle on my initial outburst, some further information:

Amtrak’s regional trains can run through up to 6″ of water; Acela’s can handle 4″. And currently in Rhode Island? Up to 21″ of water.

Although regional service is resuming in “limited” fashion, it is also resuming via its “in-land” route. So you can wave to the Ocean State as the train heads west before arriving in Boston. But here’s the good news: I-95 has reopened in R.I.

We’ll see you there.

Record-setting rainfall totals in Providence

Most Brunonians are now back home or relaxing at a sunny vacation spot for spring break.  But back in Providence, a record amount of rain has fallen. Providence has received over 7.9 inches of rain in a 36 hour period, according to the ProJo 7 to 7 News Blog. Rainfall across New England has led to flooding, home evacuations and school closures. But the end is in sight. The high in Providence is supposed to approach 70 degrees this weekend and will be in the 60s for our return next week.