Brown Folk Festival seeks T-shirt artists

Even Marcus Aurelius thinks you should be getting involved with the Folk Festival.

If you’ve ever dreamed of growing up and becoming the person who designs the official 2013 Brown Folk Festival T-shirts, you’re finally in luck. This annual music celebration is being held on April 13th, and those organizing the festival are looking for a talented artist to help them out this year.

The requirements:

  • Pick ONE background color
  • Use up to TWO additional colors for the design itself
  • Include the terms “Brown Folk Festival” and “April 13”
  • Submit a Photoshop or Illustrator document, color-separated by layer
  • Submit to by March 23

If you’re feeling a little lost, go ahead and check out some past winners at the Brown Folk Festival website.

Folk yeah!

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Folk Festival still folkin’ on in Sayles!

Erin McKeown '01 of the Erin McKeown Trio

Good news everyone: there’s still time to catch the Third Annual Brown Folk Festival!

Some may have been buzzed about the Festival’s having to move off Lincoln Field on account of the rain, but Sayles has acoustics to die for (unlike Meehan…). The day has already witnessed brilliant performances from Erin McKeown ’01, a ghostly Tom Thumb, current student Josh Garcia, the bluesy Mark Greenbaum and more. Still on the docket:

9:00PM – 10:00PM Spirit Family Reunion (A folk rock group from Brooklyn, NY)
10:00PM – 11:00PM Tallahassee (A country / indie band fronted by a former NFL lineman)
11:00PM – 12:00AM Last Good Tooth (A local high-energy folk band to close out the 2011 festival)

The inflatable mattresses have been packed up to make room for dancing, so come quickly!

Newport Folk Festival lineup announced

Disappointed by the Coachella-drained Spring Weekend lineup this year?  Consider giving the Newport Folk Festival on July 30-31 a try.  Held every summer in Newport, RI, the Newport Folk Festival plays host to various modern and progressive folk and rock groups.  This year, the lineup will include some up-and-coming acts alongside some big (real big, not, like, Spring Weekend big) names, including The Decemberists, Emmylou Harris, Elvis Costello, and Tegan & Sara.  For a full list of performers, check out

It’s an eclectic program, to be sure, but we certainly appreciate the festival organizers’ apparent effort to secure a diverse, but relatively well known set of acts this year.  Tickets go on sale today, March 31, at 10:00 am on the festival’s website.

The jig is up

Don’t let Marcus Aurelius get all dolled up for nothing.  For one last hurrah before reading period, come out to Lincoln field today to celebrate the folk festival.  Y’all know where you’re at, schuhplattlin’ Brunonians.