Winners, Bad News Bears and a Lengthy Women’s Hockey Digression

Lots of winners this week. Why? I can think of three possible reasons: as an apology for taking several weeks off (I blame midterms), because I’m a nice guy, or, just maybe, because a lot of teams did well. I say it’s all three.

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Winners and Bad News Bears, sort of

Remember the Seinfeld episode where Jerry always breaks even? Yeah, this was that week for Brown sports. See for yourself below if you don’t believe me. Hence, there are no Winners and no Bad News Bears this week. There is only a vague sliding scale of quality that exists only in my head. Deal with it.

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In defense of our school spirit

I feel I must respond to Kevin A. Seaman’s comment on our post about match-ups and the football team.

First of all, don’t knock the blog. We led our first post with a possibly ill-considered joke, and suddenly we show “a lack of appreciation for the commitment of Brown’s student-athletes”? No one is more aware than us how good our sports teams often are. You’re going to be in trouble if you can’t handle a little sarcasm, because snarkiness is pretty much my only rhetorical tool.

More importantly, Mr. Seaman raises the age-old argument that “what is needed is more support from the student body at its athetic [sic] events; school spirit needs to be elevated.”

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