BlogDH Presents: Truckz: Mama Kim’s Edition

Ever wonder what it takes to feed hordes of hungry Brunonians who are fed up with the Ratty looking to eat off campus? So have we.

Last week, Caitlin from Blog and Arturo from Vlog teamed up to bring you an inside look (à la MTV’s Cribz) at one of the most beloved food trucks on campus, Mama Kim’s Korean BBQ.

Peep the vid below:

Reporting via Caitlin Dorman ’16 and Arturo Bory ’17.

Where to observe National Lobster Day in Providence

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In early August, the U.S. Senate shelled out a few hours to approve a resolution that marked September 25th, 2015 as “National Lobster Day,” inspiring headlines like, “US Senate Gets Cracking & Passes National Lobster Day Bill.” If only our founding fathers could see us now, dedicating a day to the crustacean that was once in such abundance, it was deemed the underwater equivalent of a rat! (Following the recent glorification of Pizza Rat, you can expect to see the Senate approve a National Subway Rat Day in 2016.)

Since you probably missed the Maine Lobster Festival in late July (yeah, the one David Foster Wallace wrote about in his essay “Consider The Lobster“), and you probably gave up on the Shuckin Truck line at the Rhode Island Seafood Festival a few weeks ago, this is your chance to savor the last taste/chewy consistency of summer while engaging in a Senate-approved activity! Here’s a run-down of where to make your reservations or takeout plans to get your lobster fix this Friday:


Yes, National Lobster day is technically on Friday. But certainly the most cost-friendly option is to kick off your celebration early and head down to Captain Seaweed’s tonight. Every Thursday, this beloved pub (located on the corner of Ives and Williams) gives out raffle tickets with every drink ordered, announcing the winner of a free tray with two lobsters and a bag of mussels at the end of the night. Our tips for winning and then how to cook your winnings can be found here.

2. Yoo

This isn’t my first time at the rodeo, so believe me when I say Yoo is the best sushi I’ve ever had in Providence. And, they deliver! (Important because no one I know has ever been to the physical establishment.) Yoo makes a Super Lobster Roll with lobster tempura, mango, avocado and soybean wrapped in seaweed. I admire any dish that sounds like it’s going to come in a buttered bun but is instead mostly composed of sticky rice.

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Get off the Hill: Cinco de Mayo Block Party


The ever joyous and festive Cinco de Mayo tends to fall during a not-so-festive reading period for Brown students. Sure, this timing may be less than ideal, but engaging in the Cinco de Mayo festivities is a welcome break from the tedium of studying. Need a study break? Here are six reasons why you should check out the 3rd Annual Cinco de Mayo Block Party, taking place today from 12-6 p.m. on Westminster between Eddy and Clemence.

  1. Face painting. Everyone needs to regress a bit, especially during finals.
  2. Mariachi de Brown. Bet you didn’t know we had a mariachi band.
  3. Curious as to where all your favorite food trucks are? They may or may not be on dishing out on Westminster. Go say hello to Like No Udder, Sprout, Mijos, and PVD Pudding Pops, among others.
  4. Writer’s block? You can write Happy Cinco de Mayo messages on a Mini Cooper courtesy of ZipCar.  Get those creative juices flowing.
  5. Stressed? Smash a Pinata…or two.
  6. If you’re of age, get your tequila fix at the Block Party’s outdoor bar. It’s a beautiful day, and margaritas are calling your name.

See you there!

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New Food Trucks, Part 10000: Lotus Pepper

Still not happy with the small country’s worth of meal options provided by the College Hill food truck scene? Lotus Pepper, one of the newest meals-on-wheels options to hit the corner of Thayer and George and/or Brown and George, is here to help. Offering a six-item menu of Vietnamese cuisine at reasonable prices, Lotus Pepper appears to be shooting for the simple, pleasant vibe of a Mama Kim’s-type establishment. Kind-of-almost-pictures of the menu below. If it looks good, you know what to do–try that shit tonight. Obviously. Continue Reading

Sprout: The new food truck on the block


Yet another food truck has joined the Thayer street fleet. Sprout: The Vegetarian Food Truck officially rolled up its windows within the past week, offering hungry customers gourmet vegetarian options to satisfy their healthy cravings.


If you were lucky enough to be at their launch event in Lippitt Park yesterday, you might have had the opportunity to taste some of their dishes, such as breaded cauliflower with caramalized onion dip, curried sweet potato soup, or tofu pot pie. According to the truck’s website, new items are introduced every week, and specials are announced via Twitter feed. Follow them to find out where to feast: @SproutTruck.

Let’s hope these guys can stick to good truck behavior and stay out of the food truck feuds we’ve become oh so familiar with.

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Fancheezical serves up fantastic grilled cheeses on Thayer

Those of you who walked by Soldier’s Arch tonight probably noticed the tantalizing smell of grilled cheese in the air. The smell comes from the newest food truck on Thayer, Fancheezical, which cooks up a variety of grilled cheeses and other comfort foods that include ingredients sourced from local farms.

The menu includes the BBQ ($6), a pulled pork sandwich with North Carolina BBQ sauce and a “secret cheese blend”; the Spicy Wheat ($5), a sandwich—not to be confused with the Spicy With—with jalepeno cheese; the Hill ($7), presumably named after our very own College Hill, which includes a mix of fresh pesto, tomatoes, and provolone and asiago cheeses; and the Crantastic ($5), which contains aged cheddar on cranberry walnut bread.

If none of the above selections appeal to you, you can build your own grilled cheese (B.Y.O.G.C.) Fancheezical even has vegan and gluten-free options for all you vegans, lactose- and gluten-intolerant folks out there. Every order comes with a small pack of gum, so your breath won’t smell like cheese for the rest of the day.

While the truck has only started churning out grilled cheeses (there’s only one review on Yelp!) and has yet to set a regular schedule, it plans to service Brown students on Wednesday nights and occasionally during lunchtimes. To get the latest updates from the truck, follow them on Twitter (@fancheezical) or “like” their Facebook page!