Dear God, please give us Mama Kim’s back and we’ll give you…


Which city “off” Providence?

If you are a lover of delicious Korean cuisine and Soban just can’t fill that bulgogi-sized hole in your heart, then you no doubt have noticed the lack of Mama Kim’s on Thayer. In fact, apart from an occasional rogue Plouf Plouf sighting and the constant presence of City Gyro, whose owners seem to not care about the regulations, all food trucks have been conspicuously banned from Thayer, where they used to peddle their delicious wares. This led me to wonder what I would be willing to give up to get Mama Kim’s back…


Things I would gladly trade in order to get Mama Kim’s back on Thayer

  • The anal bead fountain near Faunce
  • The main doors of Barus and Holley that literally never work

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