Mama Kim’s has returned!

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 6.27.12 PMTo whoever sacrificed their first/third born child, we are forever indebted to you. MAMA KIM’S IS BACK BABY! And they’re back for good, according to the truck employees.

All of the Korean BBQ your stomach desires, right in front of Faunce until 8 p.m. (note: not on Thayer). And for the rest of the year. And hopefully forever and ever.

New food trucks part one trillion: Buddha Belly


It’s tough being the new kid on the block, especially when the block is already full of big kids who serve delicious food. But Buddha Belly, a food truck that serves authentic Chinese food, is ready to brave the aroma jam that is Thayer St. between Waterman and Charlesfield.

Buddha Belly popped up on the Providence food truck scene in September. The truck is on College Hill most Saturdays and Sundays for lunch and dinner. It cooks up Chinese “street food,” and though its menu currently consists of only a few items, the truck plans to expand it in the future. The man behind Buddha Belly also has a great sense of humor: he was wearing a shirt that said, “I HAVE THE BODY OF A GOD. Unfortunately, it’s Buddha.”

Buddha Belly’s menu items are more affordable than most of the other food trucks on College Hill, at $5-$6 each, and a friend and I were able to sample most of the items served.


The Chinese crepe was the star of the menu. I’m not sure what the official definition of a crepe is, but this certainly wasn’t anything like a crepe you’d get at the Creperie. It was a fried masterpiece, consisting of layers of chewy dough and crispy flakes, interspersed with fried egg and sprinkled with fresh herbs. It also comes slathered with a spicy sauce, which the owner kindly watered down for me because my taste buds are wusses. The crepe is definitely worth walking all the way up from the SciLi basement for. Continue Reading

A food truck Like No Udder

This food truck’s not new; if anything, Like No Udder — the world’s first vegan soft serve food truck — blends into the hip College Hill scene more than any other mobile feeder on the block. The purple, polka-dotted truck is about as funky as it gets, and so is what’s going on inside of it.

Meet Karen Krinsky (left below), the brains, talent, and resident vegan behind it all:

veggie-fest (1)

Karen and I first met when I spotted Like No Udder from a distance on Thayer Street. As a vegan and fro-yo/soft serve lover myself, the truck had my name written all over it. Though I went over with one mission — to finally experience the foods I had missed since going vegan — I was easily detoured by Karen’s and my fifteen-minute conversation about the truck and her other experiences. Like No Udder is a two-for-one deal: Karen is just as awesome as all of the delicious treats she serves.

If you’re a struggling vegan, a curious foodie, or a lover of food trucks, read our chat with Karen about all things Like No Udder below:

BlogDH: Can you tell us a little bit about your food truck?
Karen: Like No Udder is the world’s first (and I believe still only) vegan soft serve ice cream truck. We are entering our fifth season, primarily focusing on Providence on weekdays, with events throughout the state and nearby [areas] on weekends. The mission of LNU is to provide delicious frozen desserts that just happen to be dairy-free. We offer vanilla and chocolate soft serve, shakes, floats, frozen lemonade (3 flavors), candy bars and meatless jerky. Of course many of my customers are dairy-free, vegan/vegetarian or gluten-free, but another part of my customer base are simply people who want a tasty, healthier alternative to traditional soft serve.

Continue Reading

New Food Truck Alert: Citizen Wing


This academic year, lamentably, has been rather short on new mobile culinary purveyors compared to the famed Food Truck Boom of 2012-2013. Just a year ago, as you may recall, food trucks were sprouting up the Hill like crazy and tweeting at each other all the time. Where was the new generation of Lotus Peppers, Sprouts, and Portu Galos? (Come to think of it, where the hell are Sprout and Portu Galo?)

BUT FEAR NOT. BlogDH presents, for the first time since two more trucks cropped up all the way back in September, a blaring New Food Truck Alert. Citizen Wing opened for business just this month with an array of gourmet chicken wings available for order. The selection includes staples like Southern BBQ, variations on classic flavors like Rosemary Hot (buffalo), and newfangled creations like Habanero Cilantro. The wings are tasty, though some might find them a bit pricey; order in bulk with a friend at 20 for $15 to maximize value. Other selections include fries, a gourmet $5 ice cream sandwich, a chicken and waffle plate, and boneless tenders.

According to the truck’s Facebook page, Citizen Wing chef Nick LeFebvre is a Providence local and Johnson & Wales culinary graduate. A tweet by Plouf Plouf indicates that LeFebvre at one time interned there, so he’s been around the Thayer/George food truck scene for a while. Blog gives Citizen Wing a thumbs-up and recommends it for an earlier night when you might already be feeling a little munchy.

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Plouf Plouf is making a $60 burger


Even more food trucks: Lady Copacabana

There’s a new addition to the ever-growing fleet of food trucks that ply the streets of College Hill, and it’s serving a cuisine you may not have tried before. The Lady Copacabana truck features a changing menu of Brazilian fare and can be regularly found on George Street outside the Ratty during the evenings. The truck’s staples include rissolis (similar to empanadas, with choices of several meat and vegetable fillings), yucca fries, and rice balls, but also be on the lookout for the daily specials, which include a variety of Brazilian sweets and pastries. For more information, check out the truck’s Facebook page or website.

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