Plouf Plouf is making a $60 burger


Even more food trucks: Lady Copacabana

There’s a new addition to the ever-growing fleet of food trucks that ply the streets of College Hill, and it’s serving a cuisine you may not have tried before. The Lady Copacabana truck features a changing menu of Brazilian fare and can be regularly found on George Street outside the Ratty during the evenings. The truck’s staples include rissolis (similar to empanadas, with choices of several meat and vegetable fillings), yucca fries, and rice balls, but also be on the lookout for the daily specials, which include a variety of Brazilian sweets and pastries. For more information, check out the truck’s Facebook page or website.

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Fusion Gourmet is the newest food truck on the block


It should come as no surprise to us that there’s yet another addition to the College Hill food truck scene. Meet Fusion Gourmet, a spiffy and flavorful set of wheels that opened its windows at the end of May 2013. BlogDH reached out to the chefs, Jason Vargas and Nina Vongsomphou, to get the essential answers to the essential questions… and the inside dish.

Why did Jason and Nina open Fugo?

The idea of opening their truck came about when they wanted to open a restaurant and share their vision of food with others. However, the finances required to open a restaurant were not feasible, so they jumped on the food truck bandwagon.

What’s the inspiration behind Fugo’s menu?

The boyfriend and girlfriend duo both share a strong passion for trying new food.  In fact, before opening the truck they trekked out to California to check out the booming food truck scene. However, their menu is heavily influenced by their personal backgrounds: the flavors in their dishes combine Jason’s Dominican and Nina’s Laotian backgrounds. Thus, their menu items such as Korean braised beef with cabbage mango slaw and kimchee and shrimp tempura wraps served with roasted corn salsa and avocado slices (Ed.-Droooooool) are a play on fusion cuisine, which blends Latin and Asian influences. Also enticing is the “filling” menu from which customers can select from a unique variation on beef, chicken, pork, or tofu to eat as either two tacos, a burrito, or bowl. Continue Reading

Joedega fills iced coffee hole in my heart

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So apparently it’s not new (#freshmanproblems), but Joedega is making a comeback on College Hill. This aesthetically pleasing truck “proudly serves fresh, locally roasted coffee from small farms around the globe.” I’m in! Just in time for reading week, Joedega’s extensive menu of brewed coffee, espresso, lattes, and teas will keep you pumped up for some quality time in the Rock.

The truck, which is posting up on Brown and George today, promises to be a savior for all those who were missing the iced coffee from Providence Coffee Roasters. And if caffeine isn’t your thing (congrats!), Joedega has a promising smoothie menu! Go check them out and keep supporting the ever-growing plethora of food trucks on campus.

A PSA about PCR

pcrWe know you’ve been missing something. It has been a long winter, and with the arrival of April comes warm weather iced coffee season. And if you’re a coffee fiend like me, you’re probably most definitely wondering, “What happened to that lovely golden yellow truck on George Street?” Yes, I’m talking about Providence Coffee Roasters. Much to my embarrassment, this is still the ONLY truck I’ve ever patronized in Providence (I should probably try Mama Kim’s before my freshman year is over). It’s almost like I’ve subconsciously boycotted ever other truck in homage to PCR. I’ve stalked its (quite kind) Twitter (its last post was on November 8th), called its  store, e-mailed Jevon, and still have yet to figure out WTF is happening on the Main Green. @Jevon Chan, if you see this, know  you are missed and loved by coffee addicts across campus.

Trucks on Trucks on Trucks: Portu Galo

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 12.45.16 PMI can’t believe I’m writing another post about a food truck, but it’s not my fault if they keep coming out of the woodwork. Another potential entrant in the Twitter wars, Portu Galo has posted up on Thayer and George this afternoon for just its second day in business. As you can probably guess, it puts a Portuguese spin on a combination of sandwiches and “small bites.” It’s probably a bit cheaper to fill up here than at Mama Kim’s – there’s much more to a $3.75 Bifana sandwich than there is to a $3 Bulgogi slider – and the truck’s novelty means short lines for lunch (for now). Perhaps the biggest kicker? The local bread is delicious and probably preposterously caloric. The bubble hasn’t burst yet: the food is delicious, and Portu Galo isn’t going anywhere. Check below for the truck’s menu; it’s got a great selection.

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