Epic Meal Time: Pizza Nite is here!

Everyone loves free pizza.

If you’re in the library and are looking for a little more free food than was what was handed to you last night, head on down to Pizza Nite, taking place at 9 p.m. tonight at the SciLi and at the same time tomorrow at the Rock.

Pizza Nite, a semesterly tradition, is a night unlike all others: Friendly library workers bring out boxes and boxes of pizza by the stack, feeding the hungry masses. Depending on the crowds, it can one of the more epic free pizza events out there.

Pizza Nite: One down, one to go!

Get it before it's gone!

Get it before it's gone!

Last night, masses of hungry students at the SciLi were fed at Pizza Nite, courtesy Campus Life and the University Library.

Tonight, the awesomeness repeats itself at the Rock at 9 pm. I was chatting with one of the librarians, and he mentioned that they order 90 pizzas for the SciLi’s Pizza Nite and 80 pizzas for the Rock’s. Last night, the pizza was almost all gone in a little over five minutes.

While everyone was waiting for the pizza, they were greeted with a surprise: a cappella caroling. Check out photos from last night after the jump. Continue Reading

Pizza Nite: SciLi TONIGHT, Rock Tomorrow

What college student ever turns down free pizza?

What college student ever turns down free pizza?

Tonight at the SciLi and tomorrow at the Rock, the epic semesterly tradition know as “Pizza Nite” will take place at 9pm, according to Morning Mail. If you’ve never been, get ready.

Pizza Nite is probably one of the best free food events of the semester. First, there’s the anticipation. The crowds are waiting, growing larger and increasingly impatient. The pizza never arrives on time. Then, suddenly, the big moment arrives — library workers emerge with stacks of pizza boxes. The crowd goes nuts for the pizza, and you wonder if there will be any left when you get to the front of the line. Just then, 20 more boxes of pizza arrive, putting your fears to rest. As the pizza continues to disappear, another dozen boxes come along, then another dozen. In the end, something like a hundred pizzas are consumed in the span of a few minutes. (Then they bring out some cookies and fruit.) Continue Reading

Free Food Digest: September 29, 2011

Eat free or dine trying.


UEP Open House
12-1 pm
Barus Building 104

What does UEP stand for, you ask? Good question. That’s probably why the education department is holding this event. UEP is the acronym for Urban Education Policy — an A.M. degree granted by the ed department in the study of policy analysis, planning and development of urban education. Learn more about the program and get free pizza tonight!

American Studies DUG Meeting
7-8 pm
Wilson Hall 101

Ask not what you can do for your DUG — ask what your DUG can do for you. Come get your subsidized free Nice Slice on. Then enjoy Meeting Street cookies for dessert, also on the DUG’s dime. Who could know that 50 years down the line, the DUG will be $14 trillion in debt? #alltooreal