Rethinking the myths of college weight gain


The myth that college causes extra weight gain becomes especially prominent during finals period. Students munching on junk food is a common sight during finals, from those Lays from the SciLi vending machine to the Cheez-Its from CVS or the Reese’s back from Halloween.

Such snacks are not as wholesome as a plate of celery and carrots, but studies show that eating junk food isn’t actually the main factor in gaining extra pounds. A recent study targeting college students found that a poor sleep schedule factors more heavily in weight gain.

It’s not that less sleep causes weight gain: it’s that less sleep causes more sweet cravings. When you’re not fully rested, your body naturally seeks for a quick energy source. Sugar provides that short-term, immediate energy, and your body wants that extra kick to get the day going. The journal Sleep followed students into their adult years and found each later hour of bedtime in school resulted in an approximate two-point increase in body mass index. Continue Reading

Eating Healthy at Brown

If you, like me, arrived home this Thanksgiving and realized you have a) gained a few pounds, b) caused your cholesterol to shoot up by 60 points by eating late-night Jo’s, and/or c) not really been keeping up with the whole “eating your vegetables” thing, you’re probably one of many college students who fails to eat well without your mother on campus incessantly nagging, “for the love of god, eat some green beans.”

We know that it can be hard to know where to start with eating healthy, so you might want to hit up Eating Healthy at Brown, a panel by MEDLIFE. Brown nutritionists, Anne Buffington and Gina Guiducci, will be in Wilson 102 today at 3:30 p.m, to talk about why you shouldn’t be eating Jo’s salads that consist entirely of cheese, how to work some vitamin A into your diet, and what you can eat now that you’ve become one of those liberal Brown hippies that doesn’t eat animal products.

Just as a heads-up: The rules don’t apply on December 9th. Sometimes you just need to stuff yourself with cookies.

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It's a sculpture, made out of ice!

Cupcakes and fruit tarts and cheesecakes, oh my!

Alright, we take back everything we’ve ever said about the Ratty.

Make your way down to the lovely Sharpe Refectory for fruit tarts, piña colada and s’mores cupcakes, tiramisu, and vegan strawberry and Oreo cheesecake. We’re lovin’ this more than Blue Room focaccia and V-Dub CFF combined.

Why? Just ‘cause.

The Casualties of Midterms: Things we just don’t have time for anymore

I’ve absolutely hated midterms. Have I slept less than I ever have in a single academic week? Of course. Have I studied more for one History of Brazil test than I did for all of my final exams senior year of high school? Of course. Did I have my first cup of coffee ever? Of course not; I stand on my principles. But at least I expected these things. The tragedy comes when you remember that there are still — my attempts at making a timeturner be damned — just 24 measly hours in a day. There hasn’t been much time for breathing, let alone blog posts. Luckily for me, I seem to have deluded myself into seeing a light at the end of the tunnel (yes, I am wholly aware that it’s a mirage). But for now, let’s bask in the light and spend some time one the things we missed so much:

1. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Usually an excellent 30 minute late-night distraction when I’m not in the mood for Jo’s, I haven’t seen my favorite member of the tribe work his magic live in weeks. Why not just watch on Hulu the next day? Well, naive soul, clearly you don’t realize that there’s something really stale about watching jokes about what’s already mostly yesterday’s news even one day later. Not a good use of my already overbooked time.  Continue Reading