Frosh-cessities: Pulling an all-nighter

As the all-nighter delirium sets in, your Louis eggs may turn into bear heads.

As the all-nighter delirium sets in, your Louis eggs may turn into bear heads.

A few weeks ago, I did the SciLi challenge. No, not that SciLi challenge—think of this as the nighttime, SciLi version of the Ratty challenge. I spent all night in the SciLi, and capped it off with a little Louis. Like the Ratty challenge, my all-nighter consisted of food, some work, more food, and a hallucination or two.

For some, the all-nighter is a routine experience the night before that weekly problem set is due; for others, it’s only done on weekend nights when partying til the a.m. I had never pulled a real all-nighter before, so for the sake of journalism (and the fact that I had to finish two problem sets by the next morning), I did the new SciLi challenge and recorded my experiences gradual descent into delirium.

9:00 p.m. Guys, I think we can finish this problem set before midnight!

Spoiler alert: This did not happen.
Problems completed: 0/6

9:28 p.m. What the fuck is this shit? Physics? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

10:00 p.m. “Sorry y’all, we have this room reserved.” Really? You actually have the nerve to—okay fine, whatever. We move to another SciLi study room.

11:00 p.m. “Hey guys, sorry but we have this room—” Reserved, yeah, we get it, alright? We move to a third study room.


Problems completed: 1/6

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Frosh-cessities: Summer 2013

Okay, so The Parent Trap also happens to be my favorite movie.

Okay, so The Parent Trap also happens to be my favorite movie.

The summer after freshman year is looming, and while the new season brings the promise of warm weather (unlike springtime in Providence), some of you 2016ers are still scrambling to secure post-May 17th plans. For four years, however, I’ve highly anticipated Summer 2013 – the summer I will finally be of age to work at the all-girls camp I attended for six summers. My friends can vouch for how much I incessantly talk about adore this place. But this winter, despite already having signed the counselor contract, I had a few weak moments of self-doubt. I felt pressured to do something a bit more “legit,” socially acceptable, serious, resume-worthy, etc.

Maybe, just maybe, if I were lucky, the CareerLAB gods and goddesses would send down an internship, which would affirm that history, political science, public policy, urban studies whatever I’m planning to declare is the right concentration for me. My decision to work in Maine felt more like a juvenile risk and an excuse not to go to CareerLAB inteview for a “real” job/internship.  But after reading a NYT article (I promise I don’t regularly read the NYT parenting blog) and some sort of epiphany, I realized that I seriously needed to STFU stop letting societal and self-pressures influence me.

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Frosh-cessities: Nights out on the (Brown)town

Let’s be honest, no Brown students came here because they thought it was a party school. While my peers were discussing Brown’s Ivy League status, famous students, and every mundane detail of their lives on the admitted students Facebook group, I was contemplating the real issue we were facing: do people even go out at Brown?

When I got here, I was pleasantly surprised by how much was actually going on during any given weekend. My initial excitement turned to disillusionment, however, as the first couple nights unfolded and coalitions of freshmen roamed campus going from place… to place… to place. After almost three months here, through my own experiences (which are by no means extensive) and talking to other students, I’ve found a couple ways to ensure you have a good, if not interesting, time.

  • Stray off the beaten path. No, I don’t mean leave campus to go to a Soccer, Crew, or Lacrosse party. I’m saying you should go on Facebook, check out prospective Brown parties, and steer clear of those with an absurd amount of people going. Be bold. Now, don’t always do this, because those events can be really fun … but they can also get very old VERY quickly. Last weekend I went to a party at a co-op house (after striking out at two other parties) and had a great time. Not only were there free drinks ridiculous costumes, there was also a guy dj-ing awesome techno music from his Game Boy Color. I repeat, a Game Boy Color. It was sick. Continue Reading

PSA: How to avoid hooking up with frosh

The Walk of Shame is ten times longer from Keeney…

Last Friday, I was dragged along by my friends to the soccer game. Now, I don’t pay attention to foot-games, so as I sullenly zoned out (what color uniforms do we wear again?). I couldn’t help but eavesdrop on the conversation of the sophomore girls seated behind me.

“I’m so super excited to be going out this weekend! Oh my god, I’m gonna get so wasted.”

“Yeah, I haven’t gotten laid in forever.”

“Oh my god, just be careful. You don’t want to hook up with a freshman.”

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Freshmen: Welcome to Whisko

Ahh. We’ve survived a week of classes. It’s been a rough week, especially for the froshies. We trekked through the thunderstorms, sat in humid classes, smelled like wet dog, and ended our days completely confused and frustrated with our academic futures. Time for bed?

Naaah, let’s just go and get blackout drunk.

Enter Whiskey Republic, formerly known as Fish Co., the hole-in-the-wall sports bar located on the waterfront of Providence on Wickenden Street. You may have gone last week. You may not remember going last week. But this is the first real Whisko—the one with less people and shorter lines. The one that we’ll all enjoy.

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50 (more) things I learned from freshman year

As I miss my flight and get stranded in Boston head home for the summer, I figured this was a good time for my end-of-the-year-post. Much like Sam did last year, here are life lessons, musings, and observations I’ve acquired (notice orgo is not on the list).

But first, a recap of things worth reiterating from our previous post:

1. Spend as much time as possible outdoors during the four months (give or take) of bearable weather.
3. Balance your Blue Room and Ratty/V-Dub, or you may end up with 0 points and 150 meal credits on April 29th.
17. Do not be ashamed of S/NC.
23. Meet a lot of people during orientation (“meet” is not a euphemism for “hook up with”).
38. Go to random lectures. Otherwise, you’ll never know how interesting the disciplinary battle between literary arts and English truly is (and how a Bakhtin scholar has the authority to make that judgment).

As for me…

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