Amuse-Bouche: Sweet Berry Yogurt


“Soon” is now upon us.

Last night I ventured to Sweet Berry Yogurt, Wickenden’s newest addition and Providence’s latest player in the froyo game.  The new shop is quite late to the national frozen yogurt movement, which arguably originated with the mass openings of franchises such as Red Mango, Pinkberry, and my personal middle school hangout, Tasti-D-Lite. However, in the movement’s most recent years, its new frozen yogurt hotspots tend to be self-serve joints with overwhelming toppings bars and per-ounce pricing that can really make dents in the wallets of those with little self-control or “little-kid-in-the-candy-store” mentalities. Although the froyo movement may be on its way out of style, and despite pressed juice’s (which is actually healthful) growing monopoly in the lucrative “health food” market, I still enjoy a cup of ersatz “yogurt” just as much (or maybe more than) the next person. I decided to drag two of my friends to Sweet Berry for an après dinner treat.

As I walked into the alarmingly-lit Sweet Berry, I passed a bouquet of wilted balloons tied to faux Knoll Risom chairs, which beat FroyoWorld’s benches with views of the bus tunnel. The interior was the same as that of its competitors—astonishingly clean and decorated with a cheesy and cheap mix of mid-century and contemporary décor.

Next, I asked for a tester, which any froyo veteran knows is available but not advertised (#lifehacker). I chose to test “low-fat” peanut butter, which to my surprise was creamy, decently flavorful, and relatively similar to the real deal. Then, I pulled the lever on “non-fat” cookies and cream, which I struggled to taste as its soupy consistency immediately melted into the depths of my tester cup. I surrendered and ended my short-lived sampling spree. Continue Reading

Pinkberry to open at Providence Place Mall

Pinkberry, the frozen yogurt franchise from Los Angeles, is opening this summer at the Providence Place Mall. For those of you whose first exposure to froyo was on Thayer Street, Pinkberry first opened in 2005 and, following its success and spread to the East Coast, competitors responded to the froyo sensation by opening other froyo chains and independent Pinkberry knock-offs… hence, Juniper on Thayer (once again: Sorry, Juniper).

The store hopes to open by July 12, according to Brian Galvin, who handles Pinkberry’s public relations. He also asked in an email to BlogDailyHerald what we’d think of a potential Pinkberry on Thayer. While we’re not making any promises, FroyoWorld and Juniper might face some neighborly competition soon.

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Free Froyoworld t-shirts today (also, froyo)

Today is  Froyoworld’s 13th day of business “grand opening”!

Thayer’s newest frozen treatery has been promising a free t-shirt with any purchase at this grand opening for days now. In the interest of free swag, get up, walk the half block from your Frisc cocoon and buy yourself some morning froyo. The store opens at 11 a.m. 12 p.m.

We all have a few questions about the Froyoworld logo. For example, is that a Neopolitan hat?

The t-shirts are for a “limited time only.”  We don’t know what “limited” means exactly, but when Froyoworld opened near the Yale campus last year, the New Haven branch handed out 500 shirts, according to the Yale Daily News.

Five hundred sounds like a lot, but the YDN reported that over 1,300 customers visited the store that day.  So, to get a shirt, you basically needed to score in at least the 61st percentile  in terms of punctuality, which happens to be exactly the same score you need to get on your Orgo final…

Froyoworld: Coming soon to Thayer St!

Many of you may have noticed this sign in the window of the vacant store between the Metro-Mart and Better Burger Co, and its true… Thayer St’s newest addition will be Froyoworld!

Originating in San Francisco, California, this self-serve frozen yogurt lounge is looking to make a name for itself on the East Coast! There are a variety of different flavors to choose from, along with up to 45 different toppings ranging from sugary sweets and cereals to nuts and fruits.

Tentatively, Froyoworld is looking to have a soft opening in the first week of April and do a big grand opening in the first week of May. At their grand opening, they will be giving out free t-shirts with every purchase (while supplies last)!  Stay tuned for more updates as the semester progresses.

Juniper Serves Up New Froyo Flavor

As Providence’s cozy reply to the Californian mega-chain Pinkberry, Thayer Street’s Juniper has served Brown students and Providence natives deliciously nutritious frozen yogurt (“frogurt”) for years.  And, (lucky us) it just got better.  After diligently perfecting their two basic flavors—blueberry and “original”—the owners of this Providence staple have inducted a new flavor into the froyo hall of fame: Mango.

Stop by and try some today.  You won’t regret it.