FrugaList Vol. 2

‘Sup, britches.  You have money but you want to spend less of it.  Understandable.  None of us wants to be nickeled and dimed until we are forced to get a buzz from candy.  Take heart – it’s the FrugaList, Vol. 2.


Brown treats food like the tears of orphans – a rare commodity to be conserved at all costs, supped silently in the dark of the night, and priced beyond infinity until even the Ratty’s all-you-can-eat baked scrod looks like fleshy gold.  But there are ways around it, beyond, you know, blatantly stuffing your bag with 50 Nuckets and sidling out.

Consider this:  next time you’re in Jo’s on a quesadilla night, pay attention to the white condiment containers.  They’re tubs of fun, just waiting to be filled with…wait for it..soup.  SOUP.  One night I naively thought that they were, indeed, meant to be filled with soup, so I stacked a pair of chowdahs on top of my quesadilla and went to pay.  When I was unquestioningly charged $5.95 (or whatever queso costs), for the whole load, I stood stunned by the culinary concussion grenade that had roared through my mind, then handed the cashier my card.  Had three meals right there, for the price of one.  Smart.  And if you’re a BUDS worker reading this, don’t be a dick.  You know we’d do the same for you.

Savings: 500 Brown Dollars (although it’s probably changed since I last went to Jo’s) Continue Reading