Immunology lecturer performs “Don’t Stop B-cell-ievin'”

Students in BIOL 0530 – Principles of Immunology were treated to a rendition of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” by their professor, Dr. Richard Bungiro, with the song’s lyrics replaced with terms from the class, at the end of Thursday’s lecture.

For those wondering if the class will be offered in the spring, unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until Fall 2012. If you can’t wait ’til then, you could always sneak into Salomon 001 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30 to 3:50 pm in the hopes that Dr. Bungiro will break out in song again!

Canine Behavior: One of the dumbest college classes in America? Really?

Ruh-roh! It appears that is out to get us! They declared the Brown class “Canine Behavior” as one of the top ten dumbest college classes in the US. They didn’t do their homework apparently, seeing as Canine Behavior is a psych course in CLPS department, and not a biology course as they claim. What this class covers, according to truTV, is “why your dog is barking.” Really truTV? Out of all of the absurd Brown classes, you choose Canine Behavior to poke fun at? What about English 200: On Vampires and Violent Vixens: Making the Monster Through Discourses of Gender and Sexuality?

Biology Professor Marjorie Thompson shared our anger, saying that Canine Behavior “is not anything silly or a joke!” Good try, truTV, but you’re going to need to do better than that.

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