How ABC’s “GCB” is actually kind of like the GCB

Last night marked the third episode of everyone’s favorite show named after a venerable Brown drinking institution, but if you somehow missed the first two installments of ABC’s Desperate-Housewives-in-Texas, BlogDH is here to catch you up with an explanation of how the two different GCBs are not so dissimilar…

So what is GCB the show about? Basically, thirty seconds into the pilot, some enthusiastic road head causes protagonist Amanda Vaughn’s husband to veer off a California highway, killing himself and his road head-performing mistress. Turns out he was also a Ponzi schemer! Oops. Newly impoverished (sort of) Amanda now has to head back home to Plano, Texas, where all the unpopular girls she bullied 15 years ago in high school constantly plot to get even with her, led by Queen GCB Kristin Chenoweth. (Hell hath no fury like a high school girl scorned.) Amanda’s mother, Grandma Gigi, is delighted to have her back, because as she puts it: “Why would anybody in their right mind leave Dallas for Southern California? We’ve got the same weather without the liberals.”

Okay. Providence may have all the liberals and none of the weather, but there are strangely quite a few common themes between Good Christian Bitches and the GCB, namely: Continue Reading

“GCB” at the GCB

During last week’s Oscars broadcast, it was hard not to miss the previews for a certain ABC show premiering tonight at 10 pm. Here’s a hint:  three very familiar letters…

In this case, “GCB” stands for “Good Christian Bitches,” as opposed to the all-too familiar “Graduate Center Bar.” The show, based on a book of the same name, features Kristin Chenoweth as a former nerd who now heads the “Good Christian Bitches” of Plano, Texas.

According to a GCB chalkboard (and surprising no one, given Brown students’ love of all things meta), the bar will be showing the “GCB” season premiere tonight.  If you a) are under 21 or  b) aren’t sure you want to devote an hour of precious Sunday library time to an ABC midseason replacement show titled “Good Christian Bitches,” never fear — BlogDH will be meticulously analyzing the show for all similarities to our favorite drinking establishment. Stay tuned.

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Prepare yourselves, GCB regulars. Tourists are coming.

Don't look them in the eye.

… and we don’t have much time to get ready. This past Friday someone told a friend at New York magazine about this great little bar in Providence that people just have to visit. The subsequent lack of research means that New York‘s Providence installment of their Five-Point Weekend Escape Plan includes the “clandestine” GCB on their list of required pit stops.

Apparently getting drunk with undergrads is something Manhattanites just gotta do “to tap into the student-fueled alternative scene.” I guess we should feel…flattered? Though the pressure’s on — now if we order anything but local brews we’re going to look bad in front of all the invading Gothamites.