College: Hook-Up Central … ?

Like many of you beautiful nerds, I happened to host for ADOCH this past week. I, being myself, had no problem with it when my pre-frosh asked if it was OK if he (note: I live in a gender-neutral room) changed in the room. I remained fine with it when he added that the pants have built-in underwear (not sure if that’s cool or ill-advised) and that there would be a bare butt involved. But here’s the interesting bit: I didn’t even get to assure him that it was fine before, almost as if he were remembering something he’d forgotten, he said, “Oh, but you’re in college: You’re probably pretty used to stuff like this.”

Which brings me to a concept I’ve discussed with several of my friends, one which doesn’t actually seem to ring true: the idea that college is Hook-Up Central.

Thought I’d be eating a lot of this cake, tbh.

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Of Condoms and Cavemen

Until very recently, I was under the impression that it was a right of passage for guys to carry condoms around in their wallets. Then a guy friend asked me to hold his wallet for him and I found out, perhaps unethically, that his wallet was barren of that infamous Bear Necessity.

This realization sparked a debate within my mixed-gender friend group. We were divided in a surprisingly organized way. The girls all had condoms on their person; the boys all did not.

This week’s life article, therefore, is an open letter to sex-happy boys who don’t carry condoms.

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Roommate Etiquette: Sex Edition

There are certain etiquette rules essential to being a good roommate: Respect each other’s belongings, keep the space clean, don’t crash into the room at 2 a.m. when they’re sleeping and wake them up — you know, the basics. For many, however, the basics aren’t as expansive as they should be. Today’s major issue: Many roommates don’t bring up sex while discussing their “terms of agreement,” if you will.

Which is a problem, because you need a space to have sex, and, unless you’re the more adventurous sort, that space is typically going to be your room.

Which raises the question: How do you talk to your roommate about your sex life?

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Truth or Dare

Let’s be real: Truth or Dare can be an exhilarating game. I personally am far too suspicious of my friends to ever pick dare, because who knows what those degenerates will make me do …


Regardless, there’s still something undeniably engaging about a game in which you, theoretically, get to uncover more of the honest truth about your friends and have some laughs while doing so. It’s not like I’m a very withholding person, so I have no problem at all picking truth every turn. Often, picking truth means talking about sex or related activities, and that’s super fine by me, until it … wasn’t.

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