Why “reply all” should be eradicated

About a week ago, I received an email from CIS telling me I had a “naming conflict” with my Brown email address. The email laid out a couple of logistical problems that my account, and presumably those of many others in the Brown Community, were facing. The message was pretty technical, but I elected not to really read it because the email explicitly said, “You do NOT need to take any action yet.” So I did not.

Yesterday, I got another email, which continued to lay out the problem of my “naming conflict.” The email again delayed any sense of urgency I might have possibly been feeling. “You do not need to take any action before tomorrow.” (They bolded; I’m just reporting.) So considering this warning, and the fact that my Brown apps are not that valuable to me post-graduation, I took no action. Presumably, neither did a whole lot of other people, because today we received a clarification email from CIS.

Sounds simple enough. But clearly there had been tension building for days, DAYS, that no one had yet to act on.

Shortly after CIS’s clarification message, a professor (who we will allow to remain anonymous; he has suffered enough) sent an email in response. And because he hit reply all, the message went to everyone with a naming conflict. The saga continues after the jump. Continue Reading


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