New Girl Talk…ZOMG!?!

Courtesy of Illegal Art

Adjust the tempo of a rap lyric. Adjust the tempo of a pop/rock song. Create a generic hip hop back beat out of some manipulated drum samples. Layer them in Ableton Live. Repeat a hundred more times and it’s a mashup album. Many have done it, but Girl Talk (Gregg Gillis) was the first (if you forget about 2 Many DJs…and John Oswald…and a handful of other people who have been bastardizing pop music to less fanfare for years). Today he released his fifth album, All Day, for free on his label’s website. Announced via Twitter this morning, the album “broke the Internet” with its absurdly high download traffic–it’s been trending heavily on Google and is showing no signs of slowing down. Now hundreds of thousands of mashup hungry listeners, a large fraction of whom are college students yearning for a holdover until The White Panda or E-603 makes their next on-campus appearance, are undoubtedly devouring the album. But does it deliver? Find out after the jump.   Continue Reading