Hit the links in the Brown Rec Golf Tournament

A college-aged Tiger Woods playing in the Brown Rec Golf Tournament. He finished twelfth, behind champion Josiah Carberry Jr. ’99.

If you’re anything like me (and I hope you are), you’re sitting around in your post-Spring Weekend hangover/doldrums wondering when the next bit of campus-wide fun might be occurring. “Oh no,” you may be thinking to yourself, “nothing good is happening until Senior Week, and I’m not even staying for that.” What you’re forgetting, of course, is that the 13th annual Brown Recreational Golf Tournament will be played at Agawam Hunt Course on Friday, May 3 (during reading period). For $40, you get 18 holes, a golf cart, free food, and prizes. It’s a pretty sweet deal. Enter with three friends as a four-person scramble team, show up Friday morning, and the rest is taken care of. So what are you waiting for? All the cool kids are doing it. Just sign up here and put your fun-seeking mind at ease. You’re welcome.

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