Haters gonna hate

Courtesy of Inside Higher Ed

…So apparently we suck.  Kind of.  According to a CBS MoneyWatch report published yesterday, students who attend private colleges and state flagship universities are at an unfair advantage when it comes to grade inflation.  The author, Lynn O’Shaughnessy, singles out Brown as being one of the schools where students benefit the most from the practice of giving out As by the truckload–a fair criticism, probably.  It started to get a little personal several sentences later:

It’s hard to imagine kids trying to hard when they know everybody is going to “earn” an A.

Whoa now.  Apparently in addition to seeing us as being raunchy, liberal, and incredibly happy, the outside world (as represented by Lynn O’Shaughnessy of MoneyWatch) now thinks that we (the 6,013 undergraduates who attend Brown) are lazy.  Can we maybe just take the first three adjectives?  Thanks.

LSU throws a curve-ball at professor who doesn’t curve

An LSU professor who doesn’t curve even if everyone fails and gives ten answer choices (‘a’ through ‘j’!) on a multiple-choice exam because she doesn’t believe students should benefit from guessing?  In an age of grade inflation, 90 percent of students failing an exam doesn’t seem possible.  Apparently, administrators at LSU don’t think it’s fair either.  Professor Dominique Homberger was removed from teaching the course with little warning after the administration received a large number of student complaints. But do students have too much say nowadays in their grades?  Is a degree as deserved as it used to be?