Check out “Of[f] Course”: the 7th Annual Brown|RISD Dual Degree Show

10929111_10152653030439537_228845248285525654_oThe Annual Brown/RISD Dual Degree Exhibition, now in its 7th year, opened Thursday night in the Granoff Center for the Creative Arts, showcasing works from students in all five years of the cross-institutional program. At the opening reception, members of the Brown, RISD, and local community wandered through the galleries and stairwells of Granoff, enjoying artwork, refreshments, and activities including temporary tattoos and a sign craft station.

This year’s exhibition is titled Of[f] Course, dealing with themes of “expectations, routine, and deviation.” Pieces in this show approach these ideas from different angles, some dealing with associations of physical traveling, through maps, landscapes, and urban motifs.

New Haven, Three Views, by Jeremy Wolin, pictured below, explores this theme by carving into three medical textbooks, almost as raised relief topographic maps. In these views of New Haven, Wolin sculpts into the books an estuary of sorts, a grid-like city plan holding coins, knick-knacks, and found objects, and a sprawling city center.

"New Haven, Three Views," Jeremy Wolin '19 (Interior Architecture & Public Policy)

“New Haven, Three Views,” Jeremy Wolin ’19 (Interior Architecture & Public Policy)

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Granny’s so metal: Granoff wins architecture awards

Metalmag has joined the New York Times in giving mad props (but sadly no medal) to the Perry and Marty Granoff Center for the Creative Arts. The 38,815-square-foot, three-story art house recently won a 2012 Metalmag Architectural Award in the Metal Buildings category for its overall design and innovative use of metal—in particular, its eye-catching pleated zinc skin.

Quoth a jurist on the starchitecture: “This is not only the best metal building, this is the best entry period […] It creates a new architecture.” And another: “You look at it, you look at it again, and you keep staring at it […] you’re left scratching your head as to how you can possibly do this with metal.”

MetalArchitecture also granted it a 2012 Design Award (Judges Award) this summer, citing the “quiet simplicity to the massing.” Yeah, whatever that means.

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(Campus)Lifehacker: Search for classes … by room!

The new Metcalf Auditorium!

Admit it — classroom matters.

You really want to take a class in the new Metcalf Auditorium, especially if you had a class in the old one, but you have no interest in CLPS. Or perhaps you have been trying to find an excuse to spend time in the Granoff Center. Or maybe you just really like Smitty B 106.

Whatever the case, you may have been frustrated that Banner will not let you search for classes by room. But it’s cool, we’ve got a solution for you!

All you have to do is check out this wonderful page on the Registrar’s website. It lists the classrooms for every course this semester. Then use the “find” feature on your web browser to find the classroom you’re looking for, and that will give you all the results. For example, searching for “Metcalf Chemical Laboratory AUD” — their name for Metcalf Auditorium — will show you that if CLPS just isn’t your thing, you can always take Bio 50 (Cell and Molecular Biology), Applied Math 65 (Essential Statistics), Soc 17 (The Family), or Soc 162 (Globalization and Social Conflict).

It’s a mystery why Banner doesn’t do this, but then again, Banner doesn’t do lots of things…

Granoff Center café cart gets swanky

It’s hard to think of a way the Granoff Center could be any trendier. Well, they kicked it up a notch. Nestled under a flight of stairs on the building’s lower level is a BUDS hidden treasure: a café cart stocked with Shanghai’s new venture into Vietnamese and Cambodian food. Yes, you read it right. The café has a menu different from that of other food establishments on campus (just in case you skimmed over Morning Mail), with Asian delicacies like nime chow, bento boxes, seaweed salad, and noodle soup.

The cart is open Monday through Friday, from 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM. You know you want it.  Click “read more” to see images of some of its food items!   Continue Reading